i just want you all to know....

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. i love you all.

    but now....

    i'm off to drown my brain in alcohol as i have no other apparant means of escape. :wave:
  2. heh.. just as im listening to "is this love" by bob marley :smoke:

    luv ya too and have a good time getting your drink on ;)
  3. someone DOES love me!! 1hahaha

    whut ya drinkin?
  4. hey diggy at least you honest about no other means of escape



    i <3 you too ;)
  5. wow... i usually tell people i love them after i start drinking, but thats coo though, spread the love around :hippie: :hippie: :hippie: :hippie:
  6. likewise. except for the alcohol thing.
  7. I love you too, Digi!!! :) No matter what...always have, always will!
  8. Youll always be the Poll Master to me! I love you too, just dont tell the misses. ;)

  9. lol i know exactly what u mean
  10. I dont know you, but i love you. Have fun downing the bottle. I wish i had some liquer right now. ... .gotta wait till the weekend though :(
  11. dude im right there with u
  12. bit early to be drinking laaaaaaaaaaa.

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