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I just wanna smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FeL1ne, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. So I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out which all were impacted. And I really don't want to get a dry socket I've used a gravity bong and squeezed the smoke in but I don't want to get sick mixing weed with antibiotics. When will I be able to do bong rips with no worry
  2. Mixing weed with your meds won't make you sick..
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  3. You could get some edibles and eat them instead? If I know I'm going to have dental work done or whatever reason I can't smoke I make sure I buy a lot of edibles in advance for times like these.
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  4. Im on a soft diet. It hurts to chew
  5. Well I had to get all four of mine removed at the same time two came in a little crooked but i coulda kept them the other two came in all the way sideways somehow lol so they really had to put me down. I dont know if they gave you the fun pills or not but I did. I just had some fun with those to keep my noggin off smoke for a little bit. I was honestly perfectly fine with a double up on tylenol‍♂️. Oh if you get food jammed in the hole just softly swish water and focus a light pressure over the back, they gave me weird scrubby tools that freaked me out to use.
  6. I got all mine out at the same time I got 4 different kinds of meds and I just want to go on with my life
  7. Blend up brownies into a brownie shake. With some milk
  8. Cake is also an amazing thing to add to milkshakes I mean god damn it's addicting... and if you don't wanna buy all the stuff for a cake all you need is a soda and a cake mix package.. you can't tell it's made with soda when mixed into a milkshake.

    Though if making edibles you obviously wanna not use soda... lmao brain fart

    Grow journal
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  9. My birthday is on the 15 and I'm going to smoke one way or another
  10. I've had friends that smoked after one type or surgery or another in their mouth... now I will say one buddy's shit took a while to heal which may or may not of been from the irritation of smoke... just drink some room temp water after every hit... god knows I wouldn't stop for wisdom teeth.
  11. Get a couple of damp cotton pads and bite down on them gently while you smoke. That will help prevent the sockets drying out. Also consider keeping fluids up, and gently rinse with salt water after you smoke, too

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  12. Or wait a few days? Smoke the joint through your nostril so it won't hit your mouth.

    I hear they have oil tinctures you can put a few drops on the tounge and get super baked?

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  13. I can wait a week but other ppl saying that even after a week they get a dry socket. Fuck that I wanna smoke
  14. Make "CannaNutella". I made it before and it's pretty good. You can just eat the nutella like that. It will be a lot of calories though. But you said that you just wanna get high. So I'm assuming it's worth the high ;)
  15. Aww man this reminds me a few weeks ago I was at the dentist to get a filling put in (think you call it a crown). The problem was I got an injection of anaesthetic to numb the right side of my mouth and I couldn't feel a thing for hours.

    I was waiting for it to wear off before smoking but it was taken ages so I just went for it. Tried to rip my bong failed badly. I couldn't breath in properly it felt so weird and it took me like 2 minutes to clear it.

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