I just wanna grow some bud!

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  1. I'm currently growing a weed plant but I'm not doing anything special for it, all i do is water it everyday and its grown leaves but no buds , and all i do is just water it everyday and let it get sun light by sitting on a window seal like a regular house plant

    Now after i watched the Cannabis cup dvd i want to grow some bud, but i just want to grow one plant with buds, I have or can easily get Seeds , i'm not really trying to grow anything special just some smoke-able buds

    I don't have alot of money to spend on growing because i spend most of it on Smoking
    so i want to know , the cheapest , Lights, pots , soil, vitamins , and anything else i need to grow it , can anyone here help me or some pro-growers give me some tips and advice ........ Thanks in advance
  2. Dude if your just watering it and giving it sunlight then your lucky it grew at all. That yield wont be very good.

    I use HPS(High Pressure Sodium) bulbs and grow them in peat pots with tomato growing mix in them, it makes for a really good yield.

    You have use Fluorescents or whatever in the vegetative state, but once it starts budding switch to HPS.

    I've gotten 1 pound off of like 8-10 plants in 4 months using this, yield is awesome.
  3. theres a million posts here about everything you could possibly need to know about growing. Do some research, if you have a specific question or problem, post it, if your just asking people to tell you exactly what you need to do to grow, it can be found elsewhere with a little work. google is a good tool too. good luck
  4. Seek and ye shall find. Luke 11:9

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