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I just told my dealer how its going down

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazzinBlake, May 8, 2011.

  1. he has some OK kush, imean ive had way better, and he is more of a last resort, but he be pulling .8 for 20$, usually idgaf but now i just told him i aint buying .8 for 20, he weighing it out infront of me.... cool story bro
  2. What did he say???
  3. People gotta make their money man, nobody wants to carry a scale on them to sell 20 bags...scale = automatic charge for distributing drugs. Just go buy off your other connects that give you a gram all the time?
  4. yeah, what'd he say? .8 for $20? is it even dank? if that shit is reggie he should give you like 2 grams for $20 if not more. if it was dank then a dub ($20) is at least 1.2 grams. so he's ripping you off by .4 grams, and its not even chronic. fuck that.
  5. Right now dealers control the market, eventually we need to make it so the buyers control it. If we just don't buy skimp bags and shitty bud it won't be that way anymore, after a good amount of time but still, just sayin.
  6. First of all, who said it's not "chronic" whatever that is lmfao, if he's paying 20 dollars a bag from multiple dealers I'm sure its high quality weed. Unless you're getting your bags scaled all the time there's no way to really tell the difference between .2 of weed, especially since not all buds are as dense or fluffy..and lastly, 1.2? Where does that number come from? Over here in NY, 20$ is a gram of good weed, 10 being a .5. The thread starter also said so himself that he's being shorted .2, not .4
  7. LOL, you get some shitty connects then bro. i pay $20 for a dub (1.2 grams). thats standard for a good hookup. that sucks you get a gram of schwag for $20
  8. #8 Zerve, May 8, 2011
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    Are you kidding? lol

    You aren't obligated to buy from a certain person, if someone rips you off, don't buy from them.

    In the end the buyer has the ultimate decision when it comes to buying something, a dealer can't really force you to buy their shit (well, I guess they technically could, but if a dealer needs a 1g sale that badly he probably shouldn't be dealing).

    These posts are also stupid. I pay around $10-$14 (depending on the brand) on a pack of cigarettes, which is more than people in the US pay. Does that mean I have a shitty connect for cigarettes? No. It just means I live in a shitty part of the world when it comes to the price of cigarettes.

    The exact same thing for drugs (well, the cost of anything in life really); location, location, location
  9. What? You think buying skimp bags will help the market be buyer-controlled? If I am misunderstanding then just tell me.
  10. no one was saying he got schwag. and why u hating on new smokers?

    if u wanna be such a dick, then LOL @ u. i get 1.4 of DANK for 20. friends of mine went thru my connect and got 1.9 for 26.. beat that
  11. OH YEA! WELLZ I GET 1.111118332 GRAMZ FOR $19.33! UHH!!!!

    jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
  12. well thats just the standard, 1.2 for $20. but i have a really good connect who does 1.6 for $20 of dank buds.
  13. I think it's so ridiculous to buy by the gram. If you're buying by the gram, you're getting ripped off, it's as simple as that. I understand why people do it, don't get me wrong. I'm just glad I don't have to.
  14. #14 Zerve, May 8, 2011
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    ok, I can beat that.

    I never pay more than $170/oz (always fantastic bud straight from the grower), which is around $6/g. And the "ounces" are usually 30g+.

    The "best" deal I ever got was a gram for a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's, or 1g for $1.57. He was really hungover and wanted me to grab him a coffee on the way to his house.
  15. #15 JointsOnly, May 8, 2011
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    LOL? First of all, I wouldn't smoke regs for free, and second of all, unlike you I have enough money not to be buying 20 bags everyday on the block like a wino, and buy in bulk and 20$ for 1g is standard, ask anyone in NY, sucks for people who have to buy dubs, oh well.

    You're already labeled as a troll in my eyes because of the retarded thread you made about your grandmother, LOL just saying.
  16. well fuck all u guys i get my weed for free from my plants
  17. Who cares what your getting for 20 anything at 1.0 is great since your not getting ripped off. Why buy grams when you can buy more and get the gram price way low..
  18. What's this turned into, bragging about prices? I pay 5$ for a gram of dank, who the hell cares? As long as you get your weed and you're happy that's all that matters.

    To the OP way to step your foot down, it's awesome that you did that bro.
  19. That's what's up. The way to go is grow, grow, grow. Of course, there are a lot of people who can't because of their circumstances. The next best thing is to work your way up the ladder of dealers until you find a grower. Get yo shit straight from the source. :cool:
  20. Indeed finding a grower is great, and having multiple to choose from is even better ;)

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