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  1. I just switched to flowering at 10pm.
    So I'll be turning back on at 10am.
    Curious since it's my first time to flower in this new box.
    Can I just peak my head in righ quick to see the temp and humidty of inside there? Or will that 2mins cause it to freak out again. As of right now its been exactly 1 hr since I turned them off!
    Any advice would help please. I know the sooner the better.
    Also pics of today before turning out lights. And giving bloom nutes.
    Ive gone over the whole plant and only notice maybe 1 sign of preflower as well. But I'm not sure as of rn.
    Please give info thanks GC:)

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  2. The one sign of somethinggg.

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  3. You are looking at a spot where a leaf was pulled from stem. Plant looks fine.
  4. No. I kinda did my circle badly. Lol it's up to the top right of circle. Little dot.
  5. Try to never interrupt your dark period.
    No need to check on them.
    Your plants will still be there when the lights come back on.
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  6. If that was a male plant, you would've seen pollen sacs way before now. They how sex at around 8 weeks during the veg cycle. You either get two white hairs that shoot out at the junction of the stalk/shoot/leaf or you get pollen sacks which form like groups in the same area. But this plant looks much older than 8 weeks, so if it were a male, it would have been obvious. You might want to tie that plant open a bit to open it up for better light penetration. Anything that is shaded out below the canopy of the plant can't get the necessary light it needs to get good bud development. You could put a small tomato cage over it and use it to brace open the limbs some or just take some twine and figure out how to tie to the pot or something and gently pull those limbs that are so tight together apart a bit. Pulling the light away from your plant a bit will also cause it to stretch and get a little height on it. That might help you out a bit too. You can always use the light to get the plant to do what you want....assuming you have adequate strength in your lighting to force the plant to grow. But good luck with it. It sure is a pretty plant. TWW
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  7. BUMP
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  8. Thanks :)
  9. Thanks for the comment.
    It's only 45 days old. So 6 weeks old..have yet to see any sacs. Or hairs.
    But again his started flower today. It's hydroponic. And lollipopped. Guess ill try to tie them apart atad for better lightage
    But I won't interupt the dark hours :)
  10. Interruptions in the dark time can cause herms. But, you CAN use green light which is technically invisible to the plants. Nanoluxe have some little key chain freebie green flashlights that are perfect for when you NEED to make a foray in the dark period. The thing is pretty god damn nifty!

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