I just stood up for my mom.

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  1. My dad came home drunk and ofcourse they got into fight. My dad never pays the bills, he always drinks his money and gambles. He has hitted my mom in the past, and so did today and that pissed me off. We didnt get into a fight, but I used my words....
    My mom has to worry about getting bills paid and buying food. Ofcourse I buy food too from time to time, since I got my unemployment cash atm.... As soon as I get to work, i will help my mom as much as I can, I promise.... They have been 2gether 15 years. When my dad is sober, hes fine, but when drunk , there is always problems. He never takes my mom out... :(
  2. if he hits your mom, make sure to hit him. (dont know how you feel on that). i wish you the best of luck, find a good job, you only have one mom so take good care of her, as for your dad i mean you need to talk to him or just move on with out him. my $.02, BUT i dont know you so dont know your situation
  3. If it were me in your shoes I would take my dad to one side when he's sober and have a word with him.

    Let him know that if he's got some problems, that he can talk to you about it or you will go with him to see someone who can, because he won't find any help at the bottom of any bottle.

    If he tells you to fuck off then i guess its ultimatum time and you have to tell him what his boozing is doing to the family, let him know that its either the family or the booze.

    Its a shitty situation dude but it sounds to me like your mom hasn't got the courage to tell him, so i guess its down to you bro, maybe have somebody with you to back you up incase he gets violent.
  4. My dad use to always drink too. But they paid the bills. AfteR 20 years they split up, so be prepared OP.
  5. Sorry to hear about your situation, but good job standing up for her. It sounds like she could use the help.

    Has he tried getting help for his drinking problem? Does he care enough to seek it?
  6. Grab him from his ear's,and introduce him to the world of the dank.He will be exactly the opposite to your mom.
  7. Beat the holy hell out of him until he's AFRAID to touch her.
  8. man, sounds like your dad needs more help than any one person can give him.

    sit him down while sober and explain how you felt when he was drunk, see if he even remembers.

    a man's children seem to have a better knack at striking a nerve than anyone else
  9. Being drunk is the worst.
    Last night i was drinking with some people and one dude said he
    was gonna beat the fuck out of his girlfriend. Before i know it 3 dudes are
    full on fighting, like some dirty scrappin shit.

    i had much respect for the guy sticking up for his beliefes on not hitting girls but it just ended up in trips to the E.R and blood everywhere. Wack shit, stand up for your mom man!
  10. Yeah, he has been clean for a year, once he saw the doctor. my mom has told him many times to go see doctor again, but he resists, because he wants to drink...
    We gonna move soon ,and my mom told me that if my dad wont go to doctor, he wont be living with us anymore at new place... I would introduce him to weed, but ofcourse he wouldnt smoke it and it would be terrible idea, since they dont know at all that I smoke.. thanks guys for your support!!!! :)
  11. Well yeah, of course go the rational way FIRST, but when/if that doesn't work, do my idea.;)
  12. my dads a coke head, an alcoholic, and one of those guys who gets paranoid and angry when hes baked... only one thing to do, fuck him up
  13. [quote name='"gangsta91995"']Grab him from his ear's,and introduce him to the world of the dank.He will be exactly the opposite to your mom.[/quote]

    Do this definitely
  14. grab him from the back of the head and smash his fucking head against the wall. im really not a violent, angry, person, but i have no sympathy for alcoholics, even if they are a "father." if someone hits my moms, even slightly, i hit them back a thousand times harder.
    i once kicked a mexican midget in the stomach and then the jaw for punching my mom.

    dont ask... my life is fucked.
  15. Make it apparent to both parents that SOMETHING has to change.

    And if there unwilling to change.

    It might be best to let them live there lifes and move on with yours. Remember.

    You got your own struggle man. Don't let them make your life difficult.
  16. Men like this i want to beat the fuck out of no offense this is ridiculous you hit a women sober or drunk it doesnt matter you deserve to get your shit rocked..

    EDIT: i will beat the fuck out of i mean.
  17. If he hits your mom
    1. Hit him back
    2. Call the police
  18. wat a shitty situation 2 be in...sorry u have 2 deal with that.

    ur dad has an issue and he drinks to cope with the issue.

    i hope yll work it out.

  19. DONT hit him back unles syou TOTOALY have to because if u hit him you put urself ina situation wher eu CAN go to jail.

    the lawman is fucked up everywhere and will fuck u...even if u didnt do anything wong at all
  20. weed is a cool drug and all that but i don't think this guy needs another substance in his life to abuse. he's gonna have to be sober for a while to get any sense of clarity in his life, he drinks for a reason, and he could use the weed the same way.

    he just needs help

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