I Just started smokin and i need to know da levels of cost

Discussion in 'General' started by erock850, May 27, 2009.

  1. tell me da amounts of weed i can buy and how much they cost
  2. hooket on fonics wurkd 4 u 2 i c!

    Search button dude.
  3. wat r u talkin about

  4. So you only have part of the hellen keller syndrome I see.

    Let me break it down for you.

    u speek lyke a kindergardener lyk z0mg.

    And a little bit of an oblivious idiot :)

    There is an amazing invention on the interwebz that is widely referred to as - THE SEARCH BUTTON.

    And gc does not take kindly to trolls.

    So please...

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  5. Uhh, dont be so quick to judge buddy :\

    Uhh, it depends where you live mostly..
  6. well smart ass sense u think im on da slow side w da fuck r u still in my fuckin thread
  7. Typically you can expect to pay $300-$400/oz for schwag. $15-20/gram or $60-80 for an eighth. More for better shit of course. ;)
  8. If you'd have said please or thank you then I would have helped

    manners cost absolutely nothing
  9. I agree..... what is the point of writting/typing like a 5 year old, autistic caveman? Are you trying to look stupid? Or is it an attempt to look cool. Personally, I think it is just dumb the way people talk. Outside of the glamorous world of criminal hip-hop stars and ridiculously overpaid professional athletes..... people who talk like that get judged. And usually the judgement is correct. Don't take it the wrong way, but it just makes you look unitelligent and immature. Almost as much as you asking for sizes and prices of herb.

    Although lame, come to think of it I would have liked to have access to a place/site like this when I was breaking in. Informative for sure.

    And to answer your question...... it varies like crazy. You could pay 65$ for a slice of great headies here in CT, then go to Oregon or some places in Cali and pay 35-40$ for the same nug.

    Then there are dealers who sell beasties for fucking 50$ a slice. Or d-bags who sell .8s and base their prices/sizes on that.

    Generally, at least here in CT and most places in this area, 20$ a gram, 60$ a slice, 100-110$ a quart, and anywhere from 350-450$ a zip. That is for the best bud one can obtain without growing it, or paying out the ass.

    There is no need to list prices of regs and shwag.... just don't buy it. Unless you want to deal with smoking massive amounts of bongs and doobies a day once your tolerance gets up there. Or have get a headache from shitty weed grown by lazy growers.
  10. Could always use the SEARCH button... cough

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