I just smoked with a gc member.

Discussion in 'General' started by blowbud4life, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. probably... i'm always playin madden... did i catch that you're married?

    anyway...my ex, who i'm currently working things out with lives on the southside... about 2 min from FC... if things end up working themselves out, who knows

    p.s. i used to work at AE.... so that vid of yours makes me laugh
  2. ^^ not married. Too young for that. been together for almost 10 months so she is the misses to everyone.

    AE is a good store, cant wait till summer time so i can get some new shit
  3. Ok maybe we can start lining out some details with interested members. (goal: late summer)

  4. I'd be there like an irishman on free beer.

    Hell, even people from NY and Detroit could come up if they wanted.
  5. I'm down to come chill with folks from here. Put up some times people can do it, make it like a whole day event. I'm free just about any time on the weekend right now and nights during the week.
  6. I'd love to meet up with GC members, but safety first.
  7. shit if anyone lives in austin i'd toke with them
  8. I'd probably meet up with some of the members in Boston who've been around a while, but I'm almost so ashamed of how shitty my apartment is I don't want people to come over :p

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