I just smoked the craziest roach.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mary-I-Wanta, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. So about 2 weeks ago I bought an O and I rolled a couple blunts. Well I smoked em on top of the roof and stashed em there up in this secret spot. Well long story short, I forgot about them and just today remembered they were there. Plus I'm dry so it was nice. I got moderately high it was nice.
  2. cool story bro?
  3. Nice, I bought an oz a couple of weeks ago. I rolled half a blunt the other night and

    smoked it to the dome. The next day my chest/esophagus hurt really bad.

    Im pretty sure it was the wrap that fucked me up. I was inhaling it like a bong, bad idea. :smoking:
  4. Cool story, bro.
  5. Stonking great tale, fellow blade!
  6. hahaa dude this happened to me last night.. My brothers little friend found a roach in the ashtray in my garage and showed me it and it was like 3 weeks old but smoked fine and i got a decent high from it! Cheers for forgotten roaches! :hello:
  7. yea finding roaches is epic when you have no herb
  8. You gotta go with atleast an 1/8 each man, theres just no other WAY!
  9. you just reminded me i have two roaches hiding in my rocking chair :D
  10. this story was so epic. holy shit i was at the edge of my seat on that last part... and you... smoked the roach??? FUCKING GENIUS. never again will i look at roaches the same way again.
  11. I found one today, too, from about a year ago!

    -Leaf :smoking:
  12. i have a story like that. once i stuffed half a blunt in a blunt tube and threw it behind the dumpster where i work. next month, turns out it was right there where i left it.

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