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I just smoked plastic sprinkled bud. :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheHumanTwig, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    This just happened about 15 minutes ago and I'm high so mind my spelling :p

    So I just picked up an 8th of some pretty nice bud on Friday for $45 (That's a good price for my area). Ofcourse I had to try it out and I packed a small bowl, which gets me quite bakedd and just smoked it.

    Halfway through my session I feel a little piece of something in my bed which I'm laying in and pull it out. it was green and kind of hard, but looked like a small little nug from my new pickup.

    I threw it on my bowl after looking at it and self-confirming it's weed. I took a nice it and the flame spread so quick and I inhale and put my finger over the bowl. Holy fucking shit was that hot. The "weed" turned out to be plastic and melted on my finger. And the hit tasted like utter shit.

    I just emptied it, and took the weed not covered in plastic out. Packed the good part in and finished the bowl.

    Sorry if that was stupid lol. Thought I'd share it :)

  2. What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger..... i guess?:confused::smoke:
  3. Maybe you just had green plastic on your bed, and mistook it for weed?

  4. Yep that's pretty much what happened haha.
  5. ill smoke to that
  6. Heh i was under the impression that you thought your shit you just bought was sprinkled with plastic. Sorry im a bit high as well.

  7. :eek:

  8. Yeah, as did I. I was going to say, you got some ass-beating to do!

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