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i just smoked from an awater bottle pipes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Faded Out, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Its not that godlol... damn ive been typing this for 30minutes forgot about this..
    SO i smoked from a waterbottle pipe. It burnt my throat like crazy. Ive smoked 30+ times and ive never burned my throat like that pain and i only smoke danks form the shop. anyway i used a water bottle pipe so i could smoke it and i didnt have one. so i used my pipe and smoked it and it burned like fuckinggggg crazy idk man maybe i hurt my throiat cuz i smoked the plsastic. and i didnt even hit it hard i got one hit not even good oen and im still really high. so as i had asaisd my i used foil and wtf man my hands are floating wtfffffffffff fff fd f f f olol. so i has anyone else smoked an bootle water or aluminum bowl and hurt their throat. a
    :p.s+ my fave is red as fuck holy shit is this fucking normal maybe because of plastic and the alumiumnujm

  2. if you're referring to the plastic bottle with a socket in it, otherwise known as a steamie in my area, then ya back in the day when i had to ghetto smoke i did quite often with very good results. you my friend are either mad trollin' or just its one of your first times smoking.
  3. Listen to granny young padawongs

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