I Just Smoked A Joint Of Tea

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  1. Im being drug tested in a week, I'm dry anyways, and I've had a HORRID HORRID HORRID month. I wanted to relax.

    (Oh btw this was my first ever self rolled joint and damn I did a good job if I may say so myself)

    I always wondered exactly what happened when you smoke tea so I said fuck it.

    I took a bag of Tetly Green Tea, rolled about half into a very nice
    Joint, and smoked it.

    You guys probably won't believe me, but I feel relaxed and light and calm and happy.

    Just thought I'd report on how it's effects are and that I rolled a joint and didn't do a horrible job :D
  2. Smoking green tea: is it safe to light up? - T Ching

    I found this on a cannabis website, someone's essay on smoking tea. It's a little long.

    My Essay on Smoking Tea
    Yea I was bored one day and decided to do a little thing about my
    experiences with this unique herb, feel free to pass this essay along,
    whatever. Here it is, enjoy:

    Smokin' Tea

    By Unbuntu

    So you've heard about the possible psychoactive properties of Camellia Sinensis, also known as Green Tea.
    Well, I'm going to tell you about it from both sides, from the opinions of people that hate it and claim that it
    simply tastes horrible and has no effect whatsoever, and from the side that happen to enjoy the taste and effects
    that they experienced. I have taken some time actually study the effects of smoking green and black tea (about one year)
    Me and some people that I know have been discussing this knewly discovered idea of a satisfying drug that can be
    found in kitchens and grocery stores alike. Some experiences me and my friends have had are:


    Headache relief (caffeine)
    Mild relaxation (with green tea mostly, it does in fact have a chemical that produces feelings of relaxation)
    Mild pain reliver (possibly the caffeine)
    Reduces cigarette cravings (many reported this)


    Black Tea smoke is harsh at first
    unpleasant aftertaste (tongue bite with pipes)
    Nausea (something that happens with most things that are smoked on an empty stomach, i.e. Tobacco)


    Especially ignorant and closed-minded people who have never even tried smoking tea might think you are "weird", forget them when they say things like "weed made for smoking, not tea, dude" as they get arrested for being high in school. remember, you can't get arrested for smoking tea, and I can't stress how relaxing it is to sit down and puff on a pipe filled with safe, LEGAL, aromatic, and medicinal materials. Not something that will give you cancer (tobacco) or something that is perfect except for the fact that it is ILLEGAL (marijuana) by the way, I love marijuana. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the herb, but I want a alternative that won't land me years in butt-pounding prison.

    Now I'm not a scientist, but one of the active ingredients in Green Tea caffeine, that when ingested or smoked seems to have a mild analgesic effect as well
    as a stimulant. Green Tea seems somewhat like weed, (it smells alot like it after all) I'm sure you have heard of people trying weed and saying
    they didn't get anything the first two maybe three times. This is called getting to know the herb. The same goes for Green and Black tea too, though
    Black Tea smoke is more tobacco like and is a bit harsh. But think about the first time you tried weed and/or tobacco and look at the negative effects,
    VERY similar don't you think? The people that said "This stuff tastes like shit and doesn't fuck me up one bit" probably didn't take the time to open
    their minds and sit back, relax and have a bowl or two of this great stuff while chilling and listening to good music, or when they weren't feeling so great,
    or when they had a headache. They were probably out of illegal drugs to try and needed something "green" to smoke as temporary relief.

    Some remedies for negative effects:

    Smoke green and especially black tea in a waterbong, it really soothes the smoke and seems to let you smoke more before "giving up"
    Remember the unpleasant aftertaste from your first cig? It will go away as you experiment with smoking tea, just as all things do when you experiment with them for awhile.
    Don't smoke on an empty stomach, you might get sick

    I don't know of any dangers associated with smoking tea, I have heard NOT to smoking tea and smoking cigarettes within one hour of smoking, some people reported passing
    out and some didn't wake up. I don't know if this is true, though, the so called "Scientist in Smokable Material" (ha!) said that Scopolomine reacts with Nicotine,
    but on closer inspection, tea doesn't contain Scopolomine. Try it if you want, I DONT RECOMMEND IT. Just don't die on me

    So in conclusion, next time you are feeling down or need something green to toke, sit down (or stand if you prefer) and puff on some tea!

    I hope to add more stuff and a website dedicated, yes, to smoking tea and various other herbs that are more than they seem.


    Check out totse.com for some peoples stories (about two) about smoking tea. One is postive, the other negative.
    Check out erowid simply for the fact that it is a cool site and is maintained by great people.
    Pipes.org (I love pipes!)

    For more info about smoking tea, go to Google.com or Groups.google.com and type in "smoking tea" or "smoking green tea" you will find some interesting stuff, (if you know where
    to look)

    Some things I would like to know:

    The carcinogenic and tar properties of tea smoke and ash
    Do any health benefits associated with drinking green tea apply to smoking green tea?

    If you know the answers or know someone who might, please email me. Also feel free to email me your comments and experiences with smoking tea, drinking it, or any other herb. Feeling lonely? Send me a email if you feel like talking about nothing in particular, I'm open to discussion about anything.

    I have tried (smoked and drank) these kinds of tea:

    Celestial seasonings Green Tea (very good) (green is the best IMO to smoke, though you should find your preference)
    Earl Grey Black Tea (hard on the lungs at first)
    Lipton Black Tea
    Lipton Green Tea (low-quality)
    Black flavored with blueberry (yummy!)
    Black flavored with orange (not so yummy)
    Tazo Awake Black Tea (best Black tea to smoke)

    I also love drinking tea, hot or cold simply because it quenches my thirst on a hot dry day and warms me on a cold one. I want to try growing some tea, I have heard conflicting reports about the difficulty of this.

    BTW, loose tea in the tins is best, it tastes better, plus isn't ground so small so it won't go through your pipe screen. Also, if you have a pipe you can simply open the
    tin, scoop some in your pipe and be on your way!

    Some things I hope to experiement with in the future:

    Smoke tea in a Hookah
    Vaporize Tea in a Vaporizer
    Smoke it in a one hitter
    Get my friends to start a smoking group/circle not just for tea but other herbs (Sage, ******, Skullcap, Lavender, Whatever)

    No copyright, use this anyway you want, just remember to include the credit name (Unbuntu) and put where you got it from. Be my guest, spread the good word about smoking tea!
    I must apoligize for the spelling errors, I don't have any microsoft works or anything, just wordpad to type this on, so the spelling and grammar are bad.


    I might post this somewhere else, just so ya know.

    Remember, smokin tea is perfectly legal, though some strange parents might
    think it is Mary Jane your burnin', green tea smells like low-quality mexican
    import when smoked!

    Affects of smoking tea? - Yahoo! Answers

    Just some reference material. Some people say it does something, others claim shennanigans. Personally I don't find much merit in it, but to each their own.
  3. Thanks for that Mungo Man. It helped a lot. I did find a bit of a ash-burnt wood taste on my tongue for a bit. My muscles seem more relaxed, my mind calmer too.
    My pupils enlarged for a bit too.

    My heart was a bit fluttery at first but now everything is smooth an slow and nice. Honestly I may start smoking joints more and top them with a dap of green tea on a rainy day.

    Seriously 10/10 will probably do this again when I have a bad day.

    Oh! this is a side topic but I found that smoking the joint hurt less than smoking from a pipe. Maybe it's the tea, maybe it's the joint. The world may never know. :eek:
  4. The effects have wound down but I'm not stressed anymore. That was pretty nice.
  5. If it works for you :smoke:
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    The shit you get out of tea bags is... well, it's shit. I imagine smoking REAL tea leaves might have a greater effect.

    That said, I'd rather just have a beer. I'm taking a break now (possible upcoming drug tests at work), and I'm fine without bud. Sure, it sucks, but I'm not gonna start ripping open bags of tea. But, to each their own!
  7. "Keep in touch with Mama Kin
    Tell her where you've gone and been
    Livin' out your fantasy
    Sleepin' late and smokin' tea"

    Aerosmith, "Mama Kin"
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  8. May try sometime
  9. Lol bagged tea leaves don't do shit. Your brain is just low on oxygen.
    If you are so desperate to be faded just get drunk. Unless you're 16 and can't purchase alcohol. Hmm?
  10. hahahahhahahahha i did this when i was 14 and your 'high' and relaxed calm happiness is most likely placebo and oxygen deprivation. but whatev. if you dig it do it.
  11. Might as well smoke broom straws, like I did when I was 8.

    What a stupid little moron I was.

  12. I feel the same way. Definitely a placebo effect. I tried it at a young age too, me and my friend smoked a joint or 2 of this deliciously cinnamon type tea and I felt literally nothing, but had a great taste. If you tell yourself you'll feel high, you'll feel a little high no matter what. I did a few times after that too, still didn't feel anything. After further consideration, I decided to stick with weed.:smoke:
  13. Hahaha I used to do that with my some of my friends way back in middle school. Tea tastes pretty good, used to get a head rush at best.
  14. OR you could...you know....drink the tea instead?
  15. Probably could have smoked dry grass from your yard and had the same effect.

    You just found the act of smoking relaxing. If you felt high that's definitely placebo.
  16. Lol!

    Yeah.. I found my brothers pipe when I was around that age and smoked every variety of leaf and plant in the forest. I too, wasn't that bright.
  17. OP, Good job on the handrolled J, feels good eh? :yay: Now try with some weed!
    Oh and While you're still going hard in the paint, make sure and try some catnip j's.
    Supposedly pretty relaxing :confused_2:

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