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I just smoked a joint inside...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. And there was smoke everywhere. I usually smoke pipes and bongs inside no problem but I have a feeling this might have been a little over the top.

    Lol I used some stoner science for this one because I was like lemme open the window downstairs so the smoke will just stay here because cold air doesn't rise like hot air.

    Do you think people can smell it?
  2. Possibly, joints are soo stinky :p put a fan near a window next time so that the smoke doesnt go past the fan and febreeze is your friend
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    Are there other people in the house? If so then probably yes. If it's a condo/duplex/apartment and it's just you then you'll be fine.

    Edit: Zizzy speaks the truth in the post below mine. Fan in the window is practically a flawless method of eliminating the smell.
  4. Unless there are people in the same house that you blazed in, I doubt anyone else can smell it. Next time, point a fan out the window and blow each toke into the back of the fan, works like a charm.
  5. Yeah I had three others in the house but they were all sleeping. Nobody said anything this morning...
  6. yeah i usally smoke in my basement my parents dont care if i smoke and they never really say anything unless im with friends smoking bowl after bowl or blunts but it really only smells where you smoked unless ur in a room that connects to the whole house without doors
  7. I used to blaze up in my room all the time, in my bong. It was fine all along, as long as I was ventilating, keeping my window open.

    One time, it was hella cold outside, so I kept the window closed. My sister told me the whole house smelled like smoke. And that if anyone of my friends or I smoked cigarettes or anything, then they had to do it outside. So yes, people can smell it and ESPECIALLY since you're smoking weed, we were smoking hash. Which smells much less, and has a bit less distinctive touch to it.

    My pro tip would honestly be to vape. Use a vaporizer. Can't afford one? No worries, you can make one really easily with a light bulb. You could make electronic ones as well, but this is the most simple version of a vaporizer. Basically (You probably know this though), you warm the herb up to the point where it vaporizes the THC, and it doesn't turn into smoke, since there's no direct contact to a flame. This way, you get more THC, it doesn't smell, and there's much less harmful for your lungs.

    - Serenity
  8. Joints do reek and the smell spreads quickly and easily. Air freshen like crazy then put some dryer sheets on the back of a fan and let those blow the good smells around. Crack the windows to. Maybe make some strong smelling food to help overpower the smell. Popcorn works fairly well.

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