I just smoked $100 of bud in one day, ask me anything

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mrloverlover, Aug 26, 2019.

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  1. Same as the title
  2. Where do you live?
  3. I already know your name is David
  4. Find a girlfriend yet up there?
  5. Still at your parents house?
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  6. I hope you got laid by now
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  7. WNY
    Oshit stranger danger!
    I'm back in college and currently competing against guys who apparently are far better looking than me for pussy
  8. No
    No but i'm very available
  9. $100 worth of weed.. where's the pictures of it though???

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  10. I know. I read about you on the internet. They said you’d be here.

    Amish country right?
  11. It's gone ... I smoked all of it to christen my new apartment which is also non-smoking, so i ripped out the smoke detectors, smoke-binged all day and then bombed it with febreze and a whole pack of incense
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  12. Yes i'm thinking i might just marry an amish lass and save myself years of headache trying to impress Sorority Sistah Becky. They wouldnt known a good man if he bit her on the ass

    They said i'd be here?? Who's they? Is it an X-file? :eek2:
  13. My cousin.
  14. While under the influence of the $100 i spent my time hunched over a computer and produced this masterpiece of ass shaking dance music
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  15. Cool. I like sex
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  16. So what u mean is
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  17. lol ok
    I think we all probably do.
    What’s your major?
  18. Yup. I can't believe how much money i could let go down the drain to weed if i let it. There is not enough weed for me to life. I want to be out of it 24/7 and only come out of hibernation when my dick is soldered to the inside of at least one of two bodily orifices for life and my bank account is permanently 4 figures
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  19. Music business. I'm about 4 semester away from being out. It's gonna be a superman effort to change my social standing to the degree that i want it to, work full time, and perform academically at the same time
  20. Nuns and priests don't.

    or do they?
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