i just saw the ugliest thing....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Digit, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. there was a headline in the local news of 5 dead in an car accident...
    but thats not the ugly part....
    ... i automatically thought to find out to make sure that it was no one i knew.

    yuck. the moment i thought it i saw the uglyness of it.
    ... seen it when other people did it, and i didnt like the look of it then, and now i see conditioning has set up parts that had started a stump in that direction too... as if my knowing them makes it any better. i never used to think like that. ew.... it wasnt the guy i met in the street who seemed small..... that was just a part of my experience reflecting back to me... it was me who had shrunk.... noooooooo!

    oh well, i'm glad its easily sorted....
    a moments contemplation on the me that is the universe. :D

    ahh, alls well now. :)
  2. I'm confused...
  3. I'm not quite sure what you're talking about bro, I'm sorry. My sympathies ( I think?). I want what you're smoking dude.
  4. Man are you high?

    Ill show you some nasty shit.... BRB


  5. I think he's saying that when someone dies, it's a tragedy whether you know the person or not - and only being sad about people that die that are close to you and not about people that die that you don't know is ugly. We're all humans hence we are all equal hence we should all be treated the same.
  6. if we took time to be sadend by evreyone that dies...we would be sad all the time....

    theres a balance to evreything
  7. this is weed
  8. i dont really understand
    if something bad happened im sorry man
  9. Fuck, I hate stumps too!
  10. he is saying, that the moment he thought to check if it affected him, he knew the ugliness and selfishness of his thoughts.
  11. I fail to see the ugliness in that.
    I don't beat myself up about not caring about random fatalities if they have no connection to me in any way whatsoever.
  12. yep. well said.

    it's the same thing with that kid who went missing, presumably killed... everyone is jumping around like.. like.. idk what like, but they sure do jump about alot on that topic... as if thats the only little kid that has gone missing in the world. how ignorant do you have to be to think by showing some concern for this one high media case that you're somehow an aware and compassionate human being!? on average a child dies every couple seconds on this planet. u gonna cry for them all?


    there's always a better way. :)

    jahconquering say:

    whats that smell say:
    nor do i. i generally don't beat myself up about anything, knowing how to catch myself.

    and also... it's not random. :p it never is... except in an alternative universe which is true random... contemplate that if you can... true random. not just the "random" that gets banded around as an expression of our inability or unwillingness to comprehend or express the pattern.
  13. Also he may think that only caring about the people around you is a selfish, and ignorant act.

    You know, everyone thinks that way, its human nature to want to see if you knew anyone in a tragic event. Its kind of important. but no matter, life is life, and when a life is taken, its a very sad thing. for me anyway.

    But, i get what your saying.
  14. yea man i feel you.

    today i found out that a girl in my school hung herself over the weekend. the first thing i tried to find out was if i knew her or not, and when i found out i didnt really know her i just completely forgot about it. as soon as i realized that i had completely forgotten about the death of one of my peers, i felt really bad.

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