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I just rolled my first successful joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ricky rage!, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. 'Thanks to a bunch of "How to roll" thread lurkin and a couple of youtube videos i rolled my first joint ever. It was short but it got the job done. :smoking:

    While I was smoking it I couldn't help but get a sense of pride.

    I'm gonna try and only smoke joints this week, hopefully i'll get alot better.

    Thanks GC!
  2. Congrats. Feels good, doesn't it?

    Pics of your next joint would be good, too.
  3. Nice job, there's a definite satisfaction is smoking something you made/rolled yourself. Keep practicing with joints and then try some blunts :smoking:
  4. I can't do blunts very well :(
    I just started rolling my own joints like 4 days ago and I gotta admit.. I'm a quick learner
    It wasn't that bad!
  5. Agreed, granted my joints (i've rolled three so far) aren't perfect, but all of them have been smokeable. The rest, i assume, will come with time.
  6. grats man, nothin like smokin something you made
  7. I can't hand roll :( Been trying for awhile. I tend to just use a pipe or a cigarette tube. I will not give up! :p

    BTW, congrats on the first roll :D
  8. Gj mate! Keep rollin' and in no time you'll roll a joint within 30 seconds ^^

  9. nice man.. i got a joint in my stash i rolled myself, cross joint perfectly made. it's got some ak-47 in it. i'm saving it for 420

    but yeah man congrats i know that first joint satisfaction.. feels good right? lol
  10. really easy way to learn is to just buy a pack of zigzags, and pick up an eighth or a quarter ounce, and just roll yourself joints until the bag runs out. Two or three times after doing that, you'll be a pro.
  11. once you get the blunt all gutted and you have the wrap is it the same procedure as rolling a j?

    sorry for semi-hijacking your thread sir
  12. Nice job. You may find that a nicely rolled cannon will get you much higher than any piece after time. <3 the joints.
  13. Best way to learn, is rolling tabacco. Plus once you learn to roll its a skill that wont go away, its like riding a bike. never forget. but you always get better with every roll.

  14. yes, and some times easyer. bigger paper, but easyer to rip and poke a hole into if its too moist, like a true blunt or royal wraps. got to some times dry them a little.

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