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I just rolled my first joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Molly420, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. What do you guys think?

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  2. whatever its your first joint it aint good looking
  3. Damn hold on let me upload it to a website
  4. Who cares as long as it lights and it works :smoking:

  5. I don't know I think I did pretty good
  6. Not the prettiest, but it should smoke and thats what counts haha
  7. Hey cut her some slack that's actually a ok joint , just get a couple g's and 50 papers...don't stop untill you can roll perfect cones
  8. is their a fliter?
  9. Not bad for a first, my first came out looking something like that, but hey, you get better the more you do it, and I've found that the more you put (Not over-excessively), the easier it is to roll
  10. Looks good rolling is so easy you'll get it in no time
  11. :) Awesome and yes there is a filter. I was using the dollar bill method. without the filter. and it sucked. so I decided it was time I tried
  12. Its pretty bad tbh, but as long as it got u high thats all that really matters
  13. look how hot she is, we should be asking for more pics of her instead of joints
  14. Both of you are cute :)
  15. Not bad for your first joint. Try to break up your bud finely and distribute it evenly throughout the paper before rolling it. The more you do those two things the better your joint will smoke.
  16. You should probably put in a little more bud and make your joint more cone-shaped. And use a grinder for sure.

    I hate those joints that look like a lollypop stick lol... When you smoke you taste too much paper :(.

  17. Been a while since you had contact with a woman?

    You can't even see her to say she is hot. And based on that dirty finger nail, and other things in the pic she probably isn't even that hot.

    (no offense op i am positive that you are pretty hot)

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