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I just rolled a joint...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rasta_Man, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I just rolled a joint that is beyond my personal capacity.

    Somebody come and smoke this thing with me!
  2. i've rolled a few jointas today.. all were fuckign banging. cinnamon paper. (spelling)
  3. I'm on the way over now ;)
  4. If I can have a place to stay for a few days Ill definitly drive up to canada right now to come chill with you and possibly find a job and a place to live...
  5. I wish I could man but I'm sure it's been smoked by now haha :smoking: .
  6. Hey, rasta. How about some pics of this monster joint? I want to see the roll that put you into submission. :)
  7. Im on the way.

    Wats that.

    A bird?

    A plane?

    No its NUSHAGA FLYING HIGH!!!!!!

    -baked post
  8. Man I'm so OMW over would be pimp shit if everyone could meet up one time and have a HUGE burn session.
  9. ill drive to canada tonight oh wait i have like no gas.

    well i guess some other time.
  10. i wish maN!! i just smoked a bowl and im on cloud 9! haha :smoking:

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