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Discussion in 'General' started by Black_Chamber, May 16, 2010.

  1. every girl I know whose name is Ashley or Amber is a whore. This may seem like a completely pointless and meaningless observation, and it probably is, but hear me out: can a person's name influence their behavior? Personally, I think a person's name has significant psychosocial effects on one's life. This article has to do with names influencing behavior, check it out

    Odd names turn boys bad - oddstuff | Stuff.co.nz
  2. it's funny you say that because every ashley and amber i know (expect for one amber) is a total whore (dont be offended i love whores)

    also LOL at walter being on the list of "bad boy" names

    on a side note my name is dylan which is somewhat uncommon and i am far from a law abiding citizen
  3. The only Craig I knew is a cheater.

    Ladies, don't trust Craig's. :)
  4. just about any name can be said in a way that would make it sound slutty

  5. i lost my virginity to an ashley
  6. The only Craig I know is a chill guy, I trust him.

    Tiffany sounds like a whores name imo. I have only met one Tiffany and she was the epitome of a ditzy slut.
  7. My sister's name is amber! :eek::confused::(

    Ashley takes the cake for me though. Every Ashley I've ever met was a slut. Including my brother's ex-wife that cheated on him while they had 3 kids.
  8. lolololol
  9. i'm naming my kids moonwalker, fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, and sptph

    i expect their names will not influence their behavior (once they have assassinated me)
  10. i know an amber. we call her "the slut"

  11. The only Craig I know is a complete asshole! *Air Five*

    Also, I know 3 Ashleys, and 2 of them are whores
  12. We're all sluts.
  13. Lots of Brittneys also..
  14. in middle school some girl asked me out named kimberly and i denied. next thing i find out that 2 of my friends fucked her in the bathroom.

  15. DUDE!

    I always have this conversation with my boys about this. Every Tiffany I've met in my life was a complete whore.

    Normally I wouldn't say that about women but the Tiffanys' I've met had sex in alleys and had like 5 abortions by the time they were 20. Not to mention every Tiffany that I know all have children. Slept with every man that I know. I wouldn't touch either of them with a 10 ft. pole.

    As soon as I saw this thread I thought Tiffany and surprise surprise it happens to be number 1.

    Sorry to any girls who are named Tiffany who actually respect themselves and their bodies.
  16. haha- man my girlfriends' name is Amber.

    not a slut though:D

  17. Yeah!!! *high 5*
  18. Yes Tiffany is definitely a whore, Ashley too.

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