I just realized how much I would miss pandora's box if it disappeared

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by speedball, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So i just spent the last 30 minutes watching tv, listening to music, texting, and trying to surf the internet at the same time. i just fuckin realized i was in the recreational marijuana use forum (i only lurk pandoras). i was tryin to figure out why all the threads sucked ass. oh and just goes to show bud and multitasking is hard as hell (for me at least:smoke:) I love pandora's box!
  2. dude i agree! lol i love this section of the forums, theres always interesting threads and its not just limited to one drug

    i love weed for sure, but i like many other drugs too :hello::p
  3. Dude if Pandora's Box wasn't here, I would probably leave the City.

    No offence to anyone, but half the threads in rec/apprentice/and the occasional one in seasoned tokers make me want to slam my head into the wall with the stupid questions and 5000000 "how do I roll a joint/use a carb/did I get ripped off?" threads. Not to say that Pandora's doesn't have them though.

    I mean seriously, I see a lot of stupid stuff on here.
  4. glad to see im not the only one. i agree, i love weed too. i smoke more and more every day sadly lol. but it's just so much more interesting to learn new pillls and weird drugs i've never heard of than the same ole same ole with weed. i liked it at first, but it just got really boring really fast. thats just me though.
  5. Dude I hear you.. It's not like there is ever anything new or that interesting in smoking/usage anymore, it's all pick ups or some stupid shit.
  6. i really might consider not returning to GC NEARLYYY as much as i do currently if it wasnt for Pandoras..

    I DEF. post the most here too! im more interested in learning about drugs and experiences, and "over the top" "taboo" topics..that dont belong in general populations due to lack of open mindedness.

    i also love hatin on haters when they try to preach in da box..

    "Pandora's Box This forum is for discussion of various topics that might be controversial for some members. If you don't want to play with Pandora, don't come to the Box."

    SO GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!:smoke::smoke:

    love my pandora blades
    opiate appreciation thread shoutout WHATS GOOD YA DOPIES!
  7. the box is the shit,i rarely post anywere else,so many stupid threads.
  8. Funny, people feel the exact opposite way as well. :)

    I enjoy most of the aspects of this forum, including Pandora's, but I find that there are just as many, if not more, stupid threads here than there are elsewhere.
  9. I love rec use, it's cool, but I like Pandora more because I like hearing about drugs I haven't experienced yet. Helps me get interested so i can do more research and see if it's for me.
  10. Pandoras box is always the first section I go to when I come to the city. I love hearing everyones crazy stories about their DXM trips and what rolls they are on. Sometimes its the only section I come to.
  11. Pandoras contains 75% of my posts probably.
  12. id probly just go back full-time to bluelight. i used to lurk general, but its all about the box now.
  13. It seems like I've been spending more and more time in the box lately. It's kinda wierd, it's the first section i always come to on the forum. Best threads ever.
  14. unless i'm in the growing section with question/problem, i'm in pandora's box and that's it. every once in a while i'll go over the humor section for a laugh, but mostly i'm stuck in the box.
  15. agreed brotha. if PB was gone, i would also.
  16. I just realized when i first came to GC i never noticed this section. Once i found it though, there was no turning back:eek:. I love you guys.
  17. seriously, theres also a good group of people in the box, i love this place. (that may be the heyro talking) the LONG LIVE THE BOX!
  18. I'm right there with you on that one.

    There seems to be a lot of threads in the apprentice/rec/seasoned tokers and pandoras box alike where the grammar consists of sentences like so:

    "hay guyz i just boiught some koosh and im thinkin itz beat? what do you think i think when i drove my car over there that it may have gotten heated up to much and down when i wuz comin up over my driveway my mom was standin their yellan at me and stuff and then i crashed my car into the garage door :hello::D:p:confused:"
  19. oh yea bro, this and general are pretty much where I stay

    I may venture out once in a while, but not for long :smoke:

    oh yea!! 1000 posts :yay:

    I'm glad that its in this thread too :D

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