I just purchased Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds Photoperiod next year.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AngryPossum, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Anybody here recently grow Acapulco Gold seeds. I bought them for $47, they are Photoperiods for outdoors next year. 13 seeds total, buy 10 get 3 free. A no brainer. Free shipping.
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  2. I was once trying to discover how those famous golden buds of old got their golden color. Columbian gold had few or no traces of green so how did they do that? The closest I could come to figuring it out was that in Columbia and Aculpulco the humidity is stable year around and perfect for drying and curing. They'd kill the plants by girdling and leave them standing in the field to dry and cure before harvesting. Like fresh cut hay turns golden when rained on, the drying plants turn golden when they got wet. This will only work well in certain climates. I don't think your Aculpulco Gold seeds will produce golden buds but unless that's what you want, it doesn't matter what's the color, what matters is how it smokes. PS, I could be full of shit on this.

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  3. Interesting, it's worth a try. 13 seeds for $47 delivered.
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  4. Can u send me some clones?
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  5. Seriously.......where would be the Problem? I did send Hempclones to Europe. Right after they root you stick 10 or 15 with some wet papertowl in a freezerbag. Wrap it up Waterproof, in a tupper ware and on the road they are.All it takes is one Survivor. No need for that fancy stupid clone shipping container with light.......lol
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    Hit me up next year in late May early June. I'll send u some clones.
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  7. Over time, the sugars and chlorophyll in the weed gradually break down. That’s why old, dried out cannabis isn’t green anymore: all chlorophyll, giving the bud it’s color, has been broken down. I found some old Tangie bud I had stored away 26 months ago. It has completely lost all green color. It was inside a jar placed in a taped cardboard box in an attic of a shed. Here's a bud from it. 20221007_121326.jpg
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