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Discussion in 'General' started by Dean0088, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So next week I'll be smoking a few joints with college friends . This will be my first time smoking weed in a good few years.

    Today I decided to practice rolling so I bought a pack of cigs and some papers. I rolled an okay joint with around two cigs worth of tobacco in it. Note: there was only tabacco in it.

    I then sparked up. I finished it in ten minutes and chilled for a few. Then I felt sick and proceeded to get sick twice!

    I got sick because of tobacco!!! Lame I know...

    What if i go green in front of my friends next week! Anyone any tips? :(

  2. Two cigarettes in a joint? Must have rolled yourself a fatty. And then you proceeded to smoke the filterless cigarette?

    Well done. No wonder you threw up.

    How old are you?
  3. Ah damn.. kinda dawning on me how stupid that was...

    Im 18.

    Still kinda nervous it'll happen next week though...

  4. Just don't smoke as much as them. Take smaller hits. Unless you are afraid of "not looking cool" And why the hell would you practice with tobacco? Only a heavily bearded man can choke down a huge ass rolled cigarette like that. Baby steps junior..
  5. [quote name='Dean0088']
    I got sick because of tobacco!!! Lame I know...

    What if i go green in front of my friends next week! Anyone any tips? :(

    Just stick to Mary she won't make ya sick
  6. Yeah thats the stuff of champions right there, and besides pot has a side affect of relieving nasuea. So don't sweat it, I am sure you'll be good.
  7. Tobacco is easier to roll than weed.

    You don't usually smoke tobacco I take it? Tobacco makes a lot of people sick the first few times they smoke it. And you smoked basically two cigarettes at once, with no filter......Not sure what exactly you thought was going to happen :)

    I have never seen anyone puke from weed....unless they hit a hella coughing fit.
  8. Ive done it several times. Its called greening out. Im still not quite sure what happens but I smoked about 4 grams out of a gravity bong(Yes im being honest unlike people that say they smoked a half in one night) And I Got REALLY dizzy and started feeling bad and my mouth got really wet like you know when your gonna puke and sure as shit. I ended up spending my entire saturday night laying on a wet picnic table in the drizzle not knowing whats going on and puking up my guts every 5 seconds.
    Worst weed experience of my life.

    Oh and I also puked one time after I went to the chinese buffet blazed as hell and totally cleaned there asses out then went home and the first bong rip had me puke everything up but It didnt suck like greening out. I was happy I had more room for more food! :D
  9. Just know your own limits.. clearly 2 cigarettes for a non-smoker was a bit too much.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys!

    Funnily enough when I've smoked weed in the past I've never gotten sick.

    I actually feel pretty stupid having pretty much rolled two cigs into one and smoked them without a filter...

    To the poster above who said about me looking cool or whatever: Nah that's not much of an issue. It will be most of their first times smoking weed too. And I'm just gonna take smaller hits. Plus the joints will be being passed around I guess and not smoked all by one person...

    Guess I also ain't the first one to puke their guts up having done something stupid like that :smoke:

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