I just planted some seeds from my twenty sack.. need advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Moltar, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Sup
    I'm new to the site, and am becoming more and more of a pothead every day!

    The other day i got a twenty sack of what my friend said was basic outdoor grow weed
    I took the seeds, sorted according to color, and took a red plastic cup and filled it with some potting soil i stole from my neighbors downstairs and planted them
    I got them now in the window and i water every day

    I KNOW this will not get me great weed
    Heck, it probably won't even be smokable weed
    But i wanna make it better for the little guys

    I have no special lights, soils, or minerals other than the potting soil i stole from the apartment below me.
    If i get this job i'm aiminging for, i can afford more to spend on them

    but for now, that's about it

    Any Advice For Me??
    Anything I can get for cheap that will help me out?
    I know nothing of plants
    Actually, i think this is my first time ever actually trying to grow ANY plant...hah
  2. dont water so much...
    only water when the soil starts to not be damp anymore, otherwise your going to drown them, especially watering every day.
    most everything else costs a lil to do :/
  3. also be carefull of the amount of heat that they get by being behind a window......Peace out......Sid
  4. Get a mini fan running on it... make sure it gets a good amount of sunlight...
  5. If you can purchase a few fluerocent lights to put on them as an EXTRA with the sun.
  6. They aren't going to do very well in a window, put them under some flouro's, about 75 flouro watts (each) with a color temp of 6500k. What kind of soil are they in? Does it have any nutes? Also don't steal, it's just another thing to get caught for. Also could make your neighbor suspicious. Actually you could easily get the best weed you've ever smoked in your life off these plants, as long as you do the reading, spend the $, and grow it right.

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