i just planted 19 seedlings around my town randomly

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blackmajik2021, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. dead ends, schoolyards, the park, the creek. haha one old lady asked me what i was doing and i said i was planting flowers and she said "oh how nice more people should be like you"

    btw im doing this as a semi-joke just to see what happans, i think its pretty funny. its going to be especially funny if i can harvest any of them. what do you think are the chances of them surviving withought care.

  2. hahaha, i was thinking the same thing a few days ago bro! I think it would be funny as hell, but i dont doubt that a cop will pass by and notice that its a marijuana plant and destroy it, but hey if u planted 19 then that makes ur chances better. haha, and about how they will do on their own...dont no man, probly, cause ive heard of some wild bud growing around places and that they did pretty well. and once again u planted 19 so makes ur chances better that they well grow successfully.

    you no what would be funny as shit? if some stoner realized it was weed, jumped up in amazement and said "dude!!!" ran back in his house with a pair of scicors and a plastic bag and clip the buds off and ran off with them, hahaha all while YOU watching of course, that would be funny.

    p.s. im in my stupid mode, right after i scrill im a dumbass, so what i all typed, its probably helpless.

    good luck man :smoking:

  3. hahah i could imagine my reaction to finding a plant. i would jump up and down and run to my house. hahah :hello::hello::hello:

    toke on bro :smoking:
  4. if they're all around town ull be fine, and have a rad harvest!
  5. i cant belive ive never thought of dead end streets, ccars never go down dead end streets (cops included) and you can plant em right behind those steel baraceds they put on the dead end so its less visible. good stuff.
  6. hah if i saw a plant like that i'd grab it and book it haha
  7. just think if everyone on this site went around town and planted 10 seedlings, that would be a shit load of plants....

    give the police something to do, while we harvest huge crop elsewhere :)
  8. I like the way you think......real nice :hello: haha
  9. I planted a seed in the woods acouple miles from my house. Took care of her for about a week, and she still hadn't sprouted! So I was like fuck it, probably a dud (because I got it out of some bud I bought). 2 fucking weeks later me and my boy were out around that area getting ready to smoke, and I remember the seed I planted. I go to check on her and she sprouted, but died! I couldn't believe it. The stem was a good 2-3 inches tall and the leaves were beginning to developed... but it looked like it fell over, loss stregthed, and died. I couldn't believe it.
  10. haha thats funny
  11. We should all do that. The world would be a better place.
  12. its a great idea, i like it, one problem i can see is at night if the darkness is interupted by car headlights then they will probably turn out male
  13. dude thats a crazy good idea. If every stoner just took from seeds from the bud that they bought and planted them randomly around their town, every town would have like...a shitload of weed growing randomly. Im sure cops would give up after trying to get rid of so many plants, There would be more important things for them to be doing. And regular smokers get a shitload of seeds, so if cops dig em up, go back and plant more :smoking:.
  14. yeah man i got a bag full im gonna go around and plant them. I guess i have 30+. Good idea!!!! Yeah seriously everyone start doing this. i have no idea how to grow...how far do i put them in the ground?
  15. Since I started smoking I've been distributing my seeds to the public grounds. If we can overgrow the country then maybe it will cause some mass chaos! But seriously, it will keep the cops passified and it's a great form of civil disobedience.
  16. that's why i love you guys :)
  17. I have about 100+ seeds ive saved im going around this summer and planting them all.
  18. i olny read first post, no time to read others, sorry if this arguments been made but i think that's ridiculous, so your going to go around town to 19 different spots just to check on them if they sprouted, hope you can run like a fox.
  19. if you put them in the ground then no more than a centimeter. in nature seeds rarely get buried and if they do its because it gets buried a little in a storm. you oculd just drive around your town and chuck a seed or 2 out at random spots.
  20. dont be a downer man, if i have that many seeds with no plans for them I'd do the same thing. Next time i have a bag with seeds thats exactly what im gonna do.

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