I just ordered a few and

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by cheebanunstrum, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Was wondering if they where good purchases, has anyone had any of the seeds below and did they come out to be what there supposed to or are they bs seeds.

    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized

    Seedsman Seeds White Widow Feminized

    Barneys Farm Red Cherry Berry Feminized

    And 2 freebies UFO#1 Dinafem Seeds Sweet Deep Grapefruit

    UFO#2 Dinafem Seeds California Hash Plant

    any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Sounds good to me! I have heard some so so things about Seedsman in general. But the barneys farm pics should do very well for you! Good luck and let us know how the cherry berry turns out I have one of these in waiting~!
  3. i've only heard ONE report regarding seedsman when someone at overgrow who knew i was interested in malawi gold told me to avoid it like the plague as it was pure schwag. someone that read my reporting thatclaimed better results with something else.

    i try to stay away from any breeder unless i've read some kind of unbiased report that their stuff is good or already have experience with them.

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