I just opened a bag of doritos

Discussion in 'General' started by PoweradeBong, May 14, 2008.

  1. the title says it all
  2. what kind?
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  3. Nacho Cheese
  4. and found that only 1/4 of the bag actually has chips in it! the rest is nitrogen to keep them fresh =D

  5. i fuckin hate that. I opened a bag of baked doritos (which was a dollar) last week and found 8 fuckin chips in the bag. 8 chips and a little shake.
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  6. yeah but its uber dank
  7. Yeah man, I had some cheese dorito's today, they are simply awesome :smoking:
  8. i need to smoke more its been a great day man everyone around me is happy cause my dad got his CDL its a chill evening
  9. lol a pointless thread about Doritos that leads to the spread of good vibes.

    gotta love GC

    Only a stoner would call the broken up Doritos at the bottom 'shake'...and i agree, nacho cheese doritos are dank as hell.

    We should have a thread discussing the pros and cons on each type of Dorito :) love the cool ranch, but not too hot on the buffalo.
  10. yeah itd be hard to find a thread like this anywhere else lol

  11. a bad thing about the cheese dorito's is that once you've finished eating them your fingers are left covered in cheesey stuff that you have to wipe off on your clothes thus making more messy nonsense.
  12. Stoners best friend, ftw.
  13. i like to make tuna sandwiches and put doritos in the middle of it. its nice and crunchy.
  14. Cooler Ranch?
  15. Lick that shit up dude.
  16. seriously my fingers are made of cheese i needa put up the bong haha
  17. All Doritos are welcome here :smoking:
  18. the blazin buffalo/bleu cheese ones are so fucking good, it might actually be ranch instead of bleu cheese i don't remember.
  19. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed... I laughed hard as hell!
    Couldn't resist... Dankitos

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