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Discussion in 'General' started by Meneks, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Why people actually go out of their way and go back to coffee shops to ask for places to remake their drinks..

    Cause this Oreo cappuccino blast sucks.

    Coffee drinks are expensive.. fuck
  2. I ever understood it either.
  3. Eh its cause it costs so much and you buy a large drink so its going to take a while to finish.. So it becomes worth the effort of trying to get them to remake it..

    P.S nice art btw, Trippy.
  4. The prices are definitely not worth it to me, also I have never really liked coffee much. Thank you for looking at the stuff I've made man I'm glad you liked it.
  5. I just brew my own coffee. Put whatever I want in it.
    I don't like the taste of espresso, so I guess it works out for the best for me.

  6. I never liked coffee either unless its like, the slushee icee kind

    And yeah I take a particular interest in art with cartoonish characters in them since I was reeeeeaaaaally into graff.
    I can see you have a unique style and it comes out a lot in your human characters noses.
    Would be cool to see some stuff a year from now to see how much better you're going to be lol
  7. I don't even like the smell of it.

    As far as I know I will still be on GC.
  8. i dont like flavoured shit i just like to brew my own coffee, and yea when you first start drinking its nasty but somehow it grows on you. fuck i wish weed would grow on me, i mean literally grow on me
  9. coffee drinks are pricey and a waste of your money. Just drink a cup of coffee for fuckssake...

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