i just met someone!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by nicolerrico, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. yaaay. ive posted on here before about how ive been lonely and shit.. not attraacted to many guys and all this shit, i was getting stressed about it for awhile.

    this weekend i went out with some friends, i really didnt know anybody we were with and didnt really like any of them, lol. one girl brought this guy. but she already had a bf they were just hanging out. first time i saw him i was like wow hes hott. after a while i started talking to him a little bit. well when it was time to leave he was like come home with me... and i did... we had (FUCKING AMAZING) sex that night. that was saturday. ive been texting him, went to his house this morning when my son was at school. and of course we hooked up again, and cuddled for a while, talking and shit. when i was about to leave he came up and gave me a kiss.. and asked me out! omgggg!!!! so i said yes...

    its about damn time
  2. Im so, im so, im so, im so, im so proud of you. Hahaha
    All jokes aside congrats
  3. Congrats! Im curious, what does he look like?
  4. congrats! I would say take things slowly, but seems I'm 2 late :) Have fun
  5. Get it, girl.
  6. Make him your bitch.

    I keed. Congratulations.
  7. niice, someone sounds happy :D hopefully things work out for you and your new dude!
  8. Probably shouldn't have given it up the first night if you really like him. I am a guy and when a chick gives it up the first night it makes it seem she isn't a keeper more of a fuck. But besides that sounds like you are playing it well. Good luck.
  9. Nice. How large is he? Was he good in bed? Did he go down on you?

    Details woman!

    Good for you though, everyone should have a warm piece to snuggle to during the holidays. I mean really, even a dog gets a warm piece on the sidewalk every now and then.

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