I just met Mayweather ( i think thats how you spell it)

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  1. Well i was working at Vons (its a grocery store) around midnight . and who walks in is maywheather and his buddy. so they do some shopping for half hour. and im ringing them up and bagging and another customer asks Maywheather if hes the boxer that beat Oscar Dellahoya and he says very respectfully he says "yes sir i sher am." and then the customer asks him "how much is your necklace and watch worth" and he says again "there both about 5 grand each" i m not sure if thats true .but i presume so because his Necklace was a cross with all dimands on it and big fat square diamonds on it. and a big round watch that had so many jewels in it that looked like it could barley tick ... but he was only wearing a white t shrit and blue jeans . and he had a stack of hundreds coming out of his pocket that were long as my thumb... and i was thinking someone is going to rob him if he keeps money like that (didnt think it was the boxer when he first walked up) and he tipped me 20 bucks which is pretty good in my line of work for a tip (i ussually get 2 bucks) and he let me get a picuture with him on my camera phone . and he was the nicest guy i have met that came thru those doors...

    overall a very good night... anyone else ever meet any famous people that were really nice ? or anyone know who im talkign about

    Maywheather the famous boxer...
  2. dude. im trippin on shrooms rightn ow. mayweather...damn dude that shit is fucking crazy. all im doing here is fucking eating goldfish and shit. i have so much fucking food bra. damn dude. i think the most famous person i ever met was....noone my life is weird.
  3. oh ok. so you are actually tripping.
  4. Nobody fucks with Floyd Mayweather

    Not even Oscar De la Hoya


  5. HAHAHHA Mayweather is the shit! He's that dude! He gave you a 20 tip, thats my boy.
  6. i wouldnt fuck with a boxer. he'll pop your ass in the mouth so hard it would litteraly kill you. thats why boxers get something like attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon if they get into a fight outside the ring.
  7. Haha yeh...

    I box, and when you start, you sign away your fists. It kinda sucks, but it's aiight.
  8. De la hoya is a mainiac, but maywheater is also a mainiac, de la hoyas kinda old though...
  9. Always nice to hear about celebrities that don't have their head up their ass. 20 dollar tip would defiantly make my day better!
  10. mayweather is balling like that. ive been liking dukes style for years now. I knew hes D was nice and i cant wait to see his next fight. Thats dope though that you met em, only boxer i met was shane mosley a while back in pomona.
  11. Undefeated show down! Mayweather the best boxer in the USA faces off against Ricky Hatton the best fighter in the UK.
  12. I meet Mayweather too man!Dude I meet him in circus circus in the adventure
    dome.I was sitting right next too him on a ride but I had my glasses off so I couldn't
    see good.Dude he keep yelling out b too the b baby b to the b! I still don't know what
    that means.After I got off the ride a friend of mine told me that I was sitting next to Mayweather and I didn't belive him Until I turned around and saw Mayweather.Shit man
    he was cool man!I got a pic with him and shit.Hes not my favorite boxer but damn dude
    he was hella cool.
  13. I'm almost 40, so I've had the pleasure and displeasure of meeting celebrities. Coolest by far, Dan Akroyd. I worked at the Hooters (no longer there) in Buckhead. Atlanta. He would come in an hour before we opened on occasion. I got to spend 15 - 20 minutes talking with him one morning. He would usually leave about an hour after we opened, and he usually left with a hooter girl. I wanted to smoke with him so bad, cause according to one of the girls, he blazed. Bet he had some good shit. That was in '88. There were tons of athletes, the Atlanta teams, as well as the visiting teams that frequented the Buckhead Hooters. Mark Grace, was another favorite.

    Rick Mears, the race car driver was probably the biggest Asshole. He had won the Indy 500, and he thought he was some kind of God or something.

    I met Larry Bird at a Steak-N-Shake in Indianapolis back in '97 or '98. He was getting tires on his Benz at the tire store next door. I've got his autograph on the receipt for his breakfast.

    My oldest son and I ran in to Mike Ditka (a very intoxicated Mike Ditka) after a Bears preseason game. Didn't get to say much more than, Hi, and shake his hand before his handlers shuffled him in to a limo.

    At a Bulls/Heat playoff game this year, I ran in to Adrian Peterson, and Adawalay(?) Oguneleya(?) I've got a picture of me and Adrian by the Bulls championship trophies.

    As far as Boxers. Sugar Ray Leonard in 1982 at a Golden Gloves event. And Roy Jones Jr. in '91. I was in the military, stationed in Pensacola. It was his 7th or 8th pro fight. I got tickets for free. He wasn't known for anything but getting ripped out of a Gold in the Olympics at that time.
  14. was sugar ray leonard cool ? he seems like he would be down to earth and a nice guy... was he ?
  15. You still box?
  16. I got to meet Tony Dungy when I was in New York City over the summer. It was awesome, because I'm a Colts fan/season ticket holder, and he was really nice about meeting a fan, asked where I was from, signed the paper I had on me. The next day I saw Al Sharpton walking through the hotel lobby lol.
  17. No one ever believes this story...I met Mike Tyson at blockbuster in a henderson, nv suburb. He walked in with about 4 other people, and was surprisingly short, me and my bro got to talk with him for a bit. It had to be the funniest shit ever, because we had just smoked a jay on the way there and him and his goons were looking for the movie the rookie, they had like 3 blockbuster employees trying to find him a copy of it.
  18. ^lol i believe it, tyson is only like 5-9.5 how would you know that if you hadn't met him?
  19. I meet Mr. T in Las Vegas when i was about 12 or 13. It was pretty cool, he had all his chains on and what not.
  20. Upload it :rolleyes:

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