I just lost my virginity...high

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  1. Just went all the way with my girlfriend and we were both high lol. Anyone else lose their virginity high? Lol
  2. I was on a high when it happend but not "high" (we got hit by a dryspell that week).
    However 2nd time thru 20 I was pretty  toasted. Now its all just the same old same old.
    Thanksgiving day 1983 , drunk on Mad Dog 20/20.  My best friends aunt ,that fat bitch sucked a mean cock too. :D
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    :hello: :smoke:
    i think thats the best way
    The bigger ones usually work it best. Like its their job.
  6. Lol, thats awesome. This whole thread so far!


    Good job OP. you enjoyed it probly more than those of us nOt high


  7. Hahaha, we called that jungle juice back in high school. Every damn kid was drinking it! :D
  8. I was a little tipsy when I lost mine; needed a bit of the old Irish courage. Probably would've been better while baked.
    damn son its been all downhill after 20 nuts? lol
  10. Good work buddy. 
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    You spamming mother fucker, sombody should devirginise your ass with a corn cob.
    LOL no one said downhill just same old same old. I get her off, I get off, we both chill maybe smoke a jay and onto the next day/lay. Once you get to a certain point in life its all the same no matter what IT is.
  13. Congratz, how does it feel to be a man?Omega369 :wave:
    lol I feel you I've been with my girl for 4 years,, 20 just seemed a little quick but I'm in the same boat ha
  15.  no thanks officer
  16. Damn no deets? Ain't even gonna tell us how it was?
    Lol is this like the female version of Tits or GTFO :laughing:
  18. you ain't even had real jungle juice???
    That's a whole different drink my man
  19. [quote name="ChaliTuna" post="19467446" timestamp="1391571032"]you ain't even had real jungle juice???That's a whole different drink my man[/quote]I've never referred to it as that, i'm just saying that's what md 20/20 was known as around here.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. Congrats, OP  :hello: this bowl is in celebration of your newly attained manhood  :bongin:  Seriously tho, you need to give the fellow blades some details  :ey:
    I wasn't a smoker when I lost mine, but we were quite plastered, so it is a bit of a foggy memory. Tequila shots and a couple bottles of wine..... aha, what i remember most is the next morning waking with a helluva hangover and her passed out beside me trapping my arm to the bed  :eek: Good times...

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