I just looked out my window and saw the funniest damn thing.

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  1. So I'm just sitting in my office chair and look over because my neighbors annoying dog won't shut up (always is loud). He's wearing one of those buzz neck ties or whatever so it wont escape.

    So then i see the dog jump out of their yard onto the road while enduring a 3 second shot on purpose just to run away (because when he got out he was GONE.)

    He must've hated it their, always barking and jumping into empending doom.
  2. Speaking of those neck shock things, my neighbors dog used to have one and the dog was also very annoying. By very annoying, i mean that he would bark loudly for no reason and i could hear it all the way from my house.

    So one day, when my neighbor wasn't home, i got a large piece of meat from my refrigerator and went and placed the piece of meat on a plate 5 yards away from where the shock boundary ended. Well, the dog pretty much became a determined mother fucker and would keep going out farther and farther and getting shocked more and more (my neighbors turned the shock intensity really high so the dog wouldn't run away because he has broken through it countless times,) and eventually after like the 3 time trying, he actually got it.

    I let him have it too, he deserved it. That motherfucker.
  3. Thats funny. "I let him have it too, he deserved it. That motherfucker."
  4. Some family on my street has a collar like that on their dog and the guy who lives across from me keeps taking the collars and destroying them. Hes one of many odd people on this street. (not including me, I think)
  5. free the dogs, no leashes, no collars, FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I don't even use a leash when walking my dog. Oh yeah. How cool am I? :cool:
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    ^^^Depending on your location, you could receive a ticket for walking your dog with no leash. Don't let a dickhead cop catch you^^.

    I fucking HATE dogs that bark for no reason! WHATTHEFUCK! Shut the fuck up you little shit, barking at cars passing by. Of course they're loud you dickhead, they're motorized vehicles!

    You want some food?

    Fuck you, go eat that huge turd you dropped on my bed.

    Nah jk, I don't treat dogs like that. But I do hate their barking.

  8. lol. i put my dogs collar on as little as possible. it looks so unnatural.
  9. kind of abusive not gonna lie.
  10. What the hell?
  11. Thats not abusive lol... it wasnt even that far away and if the dog didnt want to feel the shock anymore he would have stopped trying to get the steak...

    and giving a dog a steak is like a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for most dogs, im sure the shock was so worth it to him haha
  12. None of my dogs have leashes, I just let them run and do as they please. No dog is meant to stay inside all the time, they need to get outside a small amount every day, no matter what breed the dog is.

  13. You don't know, though... Your neighbors could have been starving him. What then?

    Imagine if you were starving and someone deliberately put food just beyond your reach, and every time you tried to reach it you would be volted in the neck... Sounds pretty cruel to me.
  14. well if the owners neighbors were starving him then he just got a fat juicy steak to keep him alive.
  15. yo we should start a movement where we free all the dogs in the world. its about time for a revolution. well have doggies running rampant. theyll become a wild animal. itll be so cool. lets do it.
  16. Yes in theory if the dog was hurt he could have stopped, but i dont think you understand quite how strong a dogs instincts are.
  17. usually when some funny shit happens, im the only one who sees it. Like blowing out a kidney from laughing at this dude who wrecked his bike in the funniest way possible on a curb, and none of the other 3 people saw it

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