I Just Kissed The Most Beautiful Girl I have Ever seen in my Life.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jane_Bellamont, Feb 19, 2016.

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    I honestly can't believe what just happened to me.

    I'm a bit drunk right now, and my ring finger is literally bleeding. I don't know how the hell I cut myself, but I don't even care about the fact that my ring finger is bleeding ....

    I just kissed.. the most beautiful girl I have EVER.. seen in my life. She is from France. I kissed her passionately, pulling her hair with my fists.... and every single person inside the bar was watching me.

    Even the cops were watching me. There were two cops, standing about 4m away from me.

    Oh my god...... my fantasy is fulfilled. That was the SEXIEST moment in my life. I don't care about the sex. I can die happy now.


    I gave her my business card, but I honestly don't think she's ever going to ring me. She was too good to be true. Good things never happen to me, because I'm a loser.


  2. seriously.. I can't believe this shit. She was the first girl I stared at, the minute I walked into a bar.

    After 2 hours of trying to make my mind up, I walked up to her and said ..... 'you're beautiful. That's all I wanna say.'

    ...and then I went to the toilet.

    but the minute I left the toilet - there she was. Standing right in front of me. Hungry for answers.


    Oh my god. She's never gonna ring me. I don't deserve to be loved. I deserve to die . LOL

  3. Right on.

    Get it girl.
  4. Why did you leave?

  5. Actually, she had to leave in a hurry. That's because I hit on her, just as she was about to leave the bar.

    man.. I just wanna forget about this. Let's just pretend this is a dream. I am still single, I am a computer nerd.. and I will never be in a relationship. There.

    it was just drunken fun, that's all. drunken fun. drunken fun... arrghh.. fuck man.

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    Same sex kisses are the best aren't they? I've passionately kissed plenty of other guys in my life and have enjoyed it, sometimes more than when I make out with girls and I've had some fucking awesome kisses with women before.
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    No need to keep this.

    This is a nice thread.

  8. Holy shit, haha! I'm awake again. I look like a crackwhore with all my makeup smudged around my face.

    Man, I can honestly say at this point that I've had enough. I'm sick of the bar scene. I've proven everything that I've had to prove.

    If there's one lesson that the bar scene has taught me - it's that fortune and fame is going to be my only way out of this fucking nightmare. I gotta make my YouTube channel work for me, man. There's no way round it.

    I am sick of being lonely - I am sick of being broke all the time. Sick of all of my efforts going unrewarded. Sick of being a mere mortal.

    ..and I am going to work HARD for it. Miss out on sleep for a week if I have to. But I WILL make it to the front fucking page, and I will fucking stay there.
  9. What is your YouTube channel going to be about?
  10. I already have one. Music videos and comedy/tragedy animations.

  11. Give us a link haha

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  12. Nice. It can be difficult to get into YouTube.. have to put a good bit of effort into it. I have a channel, Mantikore420, but I put absolutely no effort into it. No editing.. I don't even speak.. lol, just make videos of animals and bugs. I've been thinking about putting actual effort into it.. like a channel where I get to make use of my man child ways and play with bugs while educating. Almost everyone I've known who knew about me playing with bugs and doing stupid shit, like letting them bite me, said that I should try to do it on a regular basis.. but it's like fuck, where does one even actually start. What is your channel name?
  13. You look really pretty in your avi and a beautiful girl wouldn't bother kissing you if she didn't find you attractive. :) so give yourself a little more credit. Maybe she will call and if she doesn't, there's like...4 billion women on the planet so the options for you are endless. Hope this gave you a lil boost of self confidence.
  14. Or just keep playing that song

    " i kissed a girl & i liked it"

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  15. Hey ive kissed the perfect 10 a real dime, before & she also fuckd my brains out to .. so way to go lady Op .. However im not gonna say the famous catch phrase "i can die happy now" naw its more like i feel like im gonna live forever & im gonna kiss & fck more dime pieces
  16. Oh well. I'm pretty much already over it, to tell you the truth. I'll let this thread sink into oblivion, putting my hopes up that the necromancers will stay the fuck away from it.[​IMG]

    She certainly wasn't the first French girl who I passionately kissed. I don't know if it's a cultural thing.. but French girls seem to be more passionate and daring than any other girls I've met. Not to say that they're slutty.. hell no. Let's just say, when you kiss a French girl... it's like sipping on a 50 year old glass of wine. Hence, the French kiss. hah.. I don't even know how to fully explain it. It has to be experienced.

    oh.... the adventures we could have had. It would have honestly been like a movie. I was just about dying of withdrawal symptoms this morning.....

    Let this be all the inspiration I need to get my business and YouTube channel to succeed.. so I can get the hell out of this fucking backwater.. and travel the world. Witness the gay scene in France, Israel, Italy, etc. I really think Mediterranean girls will be my thing.

  17. I know earlier you said you were feeling shitty, but even if you don't hear from her again, it just goes to show anything can be done.

    I still think I'm not good enough for my girlfriend, but a year and a half later and she still loves me. Good things happen all the time, you're not worthless!
  18. Yah im drunk right now and have lots of ambition to fullfil my future plans.

    Congrats! I will support you. Whats up. Pm me whatver your channel idk but whats up, were friends now jane. Idk anyone wanna add anything to this post? Talk. Im gonna change right now. Next level.
  19. Lol "I'm a loser" come on chief you inspired me

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  20. Hell, I don't even think 'loser' would be the correct term to describe me. Even my shy and nerdy high school friend who never worked a day in his life and hardly leaves his bedroom.. even he has a girlfriend. lol

    No way, loser isn't the correct term to describe this. I'd say, it's more like a curse. My inability to create meaningful connections with other people, except for business purposes.

    That, my friend.. is a genuine curse, from above. Maybe I'm not even real. Maybe I'm just a ghost, a fluctuation in space and time. Maybe I'm just not even.. there.


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