i just joined and am new at growin

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smokeyapot, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. hey guys im new to this city i was wonderin if u could show me around. no just kidded i just started growin a month ago and just wanted to know if my plants look all right they got holes in the leaves yellowish holes what should i do?
  2. Welcome to the City man.
    Holes in leaves are usually some kind of pest eating your plants. Pictures would also be very helpful.
  3. I get those too once in a while, post pictures.

    What kind of light is the plant under and how closer?
    Are you using fertilizers?
    Is the plant outside?
    and finally how old is the plant?

    Welcome to the city
  4. sorry took so long was on vacation here are some pics thnx again hope it helps me

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  5. my plants are inside but using natural light they havent been outside they were started on may 2
  6. They are lanky, not getting enough light. Get them under the sun asap.
  7. Smokeyapot,
    It looks like some animal is chewing off the leaves. My guess is is that it is the animal that you put into the cage in the background of your first picture.
  8. Thx for the suggestion but the little animal is never alone with my babies the cage was open cuz she was out side but do u have ne other suggestions thx
  9. Check for other pests then.
    What animal are we talking about here? Is she a cat by any chance? The gone/damaged leaves will never heal themselves. If you get more light on the plant, other leaves will grow in their place.
  10. no she is not a cat she is a dog about to have puppies i just checked for other "pests" and did not see ne do u have ne other suggestions? what do us know about transplanting my plants ?

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