I just HAD to share!

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  1. I'm a new grower, I started in the spring. I just took a shot of my favorite bud and I think it's worthy of sharing here. I hope you all enjoy it!

  2. Indeed it is check in with me in a month ill have some nice shots for ya
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    She's getting close to harvest. Only 9 more days or so... isn't she beautiful?


    I have no idea why my phone posts turn portrait pics sideways. Sorry for that... :mad:
  4. What a gorgeous plant.
  5. Should hold on to that till Christmas am throw some lights around it "oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree" smoke and sing carols around that bad boy. Those lower kolas are pretty impressive
  6. 4 more weeks left. Got some g13( Dr.green thumbs, before they strand was available by seed. Strictly clones for those bad boys) Ak-48 white widow, and blue cheese

  7. Last pics taken. She's just a few days from chop. The pink string is holding her up. She broke from all the weight!


  8. she's a beauty! what strain is this?
  9. It's purple bubba kush and I just can't take enough shots! This one is truly unbelievable ...


    Oh, and thanks much for the compliments guys, I've been lucky.
  10. You should start a tumblr, these would be epic pics for one. Looks beautiful.
  11. dawill whats your setup?

  12. im guessing outdoor from his pictures - the plant is outside

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