I just had the most pleasurable experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jinxx, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Wow. A while ago I went outside, I'd been having a really hard time with something depressing all night long, so I figured I'd smoke myself up.

    Sure enough, I go outside after a fresh sprinkling, and everything smells fresh and beautiful because of the rain. I throw on my ipod and get to smoking. By this time there are only a few good hits in the bowl, it has started sprinkling, and my ipod switched to the song Awakening on my ipod. The song is one of those songs and it hit me pretty hard and I was getting that feeling when you listen to music, even if its not what you like, and everything hits serenity.

    I'm climbing high, I'm in musical serenity, and BAM. Head on the rain is hitting me hard and head on and it feels so good. I just thought I'd share, because it was the most pleasurable thing I've EVER felt in my entire life. Everything was okay.
    So I guess to you spiritual smokers, go for that moment of peace in the rain with the perfect high. I hope some of you understand this.
  2. it sounds pretty relaxing and chill
  3. why does that shit never happen to me damn...
  4. some of the best things in life are simple and free
  5. One of the best expierences i'v ever had was in highschool, I was stoned at the back of class with my music in, all the lights were off and a movie was playing. Evanescence's song Lithium comes on and I close my eyes. I can still see soft colours through my eyelids from the tv and Amy Lee's voice just felt like it was lifting me up above everything else. It just felt like pure happyness and put me in awe of emotions, I wish that feeling never ended.
  6. ecstasy in simplicity
  7. I'd hope that everyone on this message board knows that feeling.

    I've definitely been there on multiple occasions. Nothing makes you appreciate nature and stand in awe of it like MJ.
  8. Sometimes i toke up on my road, where theres a bit of a stretch without much light pollution and when the moons out it is just.... amazing. Especially when theres clouds to, seeing the moon go behind the clouds is breathtaking.
  9. I consider myself to be a bit of a spiritual smoker, so I can relate. thanks for sharing man.
  10. I love that feeling, its like getting lost in the moments.
  11. Bro.. been there a few times, such good times. I actually had a pretty memorable moment the other night, was relaxing after long day.. smoking and listening to some iron and wine getting so high. Out of nowhere two firefly's come through the window.. I had all the lights off, and they where just flying right around my head, hanging out. It seemed like forever.. I'll never forget that night.
  12. I absolutely love how good those kinds of things feel, anyone else with experiences alike to share?
  13. i was listening to Boston - More Than a Feeling last night staring out of my skylight and when the solo came on I felt like everything was a part of me, then waves of pleasure hit me for about 2 minutes non stop, Almost as high as sex.

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