I just had the best weed I've ever had

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    I just had the best fucking weed I've ever vaped before. I'm used to always getting middies and for some reason I always got couch lock. Like this is hard to explain but basically after I start vaping out of my MLFB I'll just all of a sudden have this really really really heavy weight just come over me and I'll sit down and like not move for an hour. I'll just be sitting there not saying anything and just trip the fuck out inside my mind. I began to realize that wow this is what weed does to me. I always wondered how come no one else got like that. Everyone else would be like dancing around full of so much energy and be happy. I would just be there sitting there tripping the fuck out not moving or saying anything.

    Well today my 2 friends are starting up a business and have the best fucking weed ever, its called Bubba Kush. I hit that shit up in my MLFB and after about 15 min I was high as shit. I had so much energy. I was so fucking happy and funny as fuck. Now I know why everyone smokes weed.

    Tonight, I realized I truely am in love with weed and wish I was high all the fucking time. I just wanted to put that out there cause if anyone is like how I used to be, theres always hope for a better strand of weed that will change your life. Sorry I wrote so much I'm still pretty high.
  2. I enjoyed the read but where the fuck are the paragraphs.
  3. I remember my first hit of dank... It seems like it was only yesterday. :bongin:
  4. A better Sativa blend does wonders for the mind and the energy. ;) :smoke:
  5. Bubba kush is bomb, i have smoked a lot of that :D
  6. I have not had weed like that in a while. I know what you mean.
  7. grats on gettin some good stuff man. also, different strains affect different people in different ways, another of the cool things about grass :)

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