I just had police action threatened against me...what are my rights?

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  1. I must say I feel a littl uncomfortable, and pissed. I had emailed a lawyer from the Epilepsy Foundation, calling her a cunt and telling her I would never forget what she did ( she did something really, really bad) She is getting paid to do a job, and she failed.

    the president of EF then sent me an email saying he was going to get the police involved based on what I wrote.

    I responded back, first wishing him luck trying to have the creator of Santa Economics arrested during the holiday season...But I explained I wanted to resolve this matter, and just figure this whole thing out.

    They tried intimidating me, and I am the victim...Yes, I maybe be "crazy" with my ideas, but that is who the EF is supposed to be helping: people like me.

    I feel uncomfortable with this situation. Though I believe I was right, I still don' know what to do. I had an incident in the hospital that scared the shit out of me, and am afraid I can easily be put back there.

    For those that have supported my posts this past year, I would love to hear from you. You know this Santa thing is not about the money for me, i just want to see it get done. I don't think I should be threatened in such a way...

    damn man, do you see the bullshit I have to go through? give me a place to stay, food to eat, weed to smoke, and an opportunity to work, and I could help give billions to charity. i don't see what the problem is.
  2. You gotta be careful. Sometimes when people feel threatened or offended they call the cops on you. Man, if I was you, I would appologize and start kissing ass all over the place BEFORE they bring the cops down on your shit. And be more careful what you say and what you put into writing in the future.

    Sorry this happened to you.

    Peace, Love, Weed, and Good Vibes your way :)
  3. I haven't read any of your posts, so I do not know what this whole Santa thing is, but I can respond to the topic.
    I don't think they can get police involved with anything, if you didn't threaten them. And still to get charged for Assault, I think you have to at least name a date or time for your threat.
    If you just gave them your $.02, you're fine. It's called the 1st Amendment.

  4. No.
    I've had a friend who just recently had a baby, I think it's about 6 months old.
    This bitch she had problems with, messaged her on Facebook saying the most insane brutal shit I've ever heard. She said she hopes her baby dies, or that she hopes it gets raped when it's 5. She even said that she was going to plan it her self.
    My friend obviously called the cops to at least get this bitch in some kind of trouble, but the cops said they can't charge her with anything unless they gave her a date and or time.
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    OP I think you are crazy as shit :p but you are a good person and thats why I like you. You have only good intentions :)
    still, even if you are angry you should never write stuff like that.
    I don't really have any knowledge on this issue, but I give moral support. lol :wave:
    I hope things work out for you and your santa business.
  6. I laughed SO fucking hard when I read "I messaged the lady from the Epilepsy Foundation and called her a cunt" LOL LOL LOL LOL OMG!!! HAHAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA +REP!!!
  7. Actually, this is what I wrote her...admittedly, it was meant to be disturbing. However, is it possible she did something to earn my venom? Again, what she did was so much worse...I just want a fair fight.

    subject title: Cunt, don't think I forgot about you.

    Hey Big Time Lawyer,

    This is just a friendly reminder that I am currently working hard to fuck your world up, and there is not much you can do about it. I keep a copy of what you wrote in my back pocket so my hatred for you, and people like you, never fades. If you think I am going to allow you to make a living off of my illness, your just bananas (Ha Ha, get it?) LOL!!

    In all seriousness, I have earned the right to beat the shit out of you, and I don't think many people will be able to say otherwise. So, sleep tight sweetheart...I think I am going to enjoy tormenting you for the rest of your pathetic life.

    P.S. Gary Berg, if you think you are going to escape this purge, you are just as fucking stupid as BTL is.

    Happy HO HO HOLidays.
  8. That's stalking order material, alright:eek:. You may want to dye your beard in time for the mugshot?
  9. I tried them after the incident in the hospital, and it didn't work out. The thing that I am worried about is that I have never committed a crime in my life, yet all these doctors have said I have the potential to be dangerous...What does that even mean?

    they are saying that people with my illness should not be helped by my efforts because I might be a dick...Yet, they never responded to the other 100 emails when I was asking nicely, and doing all that I could to help.

    they really screwed up with the email, and proves they are in the wrong. now, its a matter of what to do next..
  10. damn, sounds like you could get charged with something for saying "In all seriousness, I have earned the right to beat the shit out of you"
  11. if I told you the person that this was written for molested me as a child, would you think differently?
  12. Uh yeah, you threatened her with physical violence. Good luck with that and kudos for taking the higher road. :rolleyes:

    Did you hear that? Wasn't that the sound of boots??? Crap, look out the window quick!
  13. Your one cool santa.
    Be safe
  14. I don't think this is a threat. It just means, based on what she said, I have earned the right to punch her in the face. It doesn't mean I will ( again, I am a preacher of non-violence)
  15. just stop talking around them. fuck them up, in your own mind....

    stop making them have a reason to bring you to a mental hospital.

    smoke some bud, and watch some movies or something. stop even thinking about them right now. that's for later....

    i feel the same way, but i would probably be in a mental hospital if i told people how i felt lololol.
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    You need to watch what you say in electronic communication - cyber bullying laws and privacy do not exist. Any perceived threats, real or not, can be used against you as evidence.

    If you value your freedom you should STOP sending emails to the foundation, and forward the ones you have along with the response to your attorney.

    EDIT: After reading the email, yeah you fucked up big time. You can't send messages like that to people - doesn't matter WHAT your agenda is that's threatening, and if I got something like that I'd call the cops too.

    STOP communicating with these people, DROP your vendetta, and if you're truly not dangerous, you'll be fine, but to continue with that behavior is not appropriate.
  17. Harassment, threats of violence, and a seemingly dangerous attitude will make no judge in this country think you were correct in what you said

    The truth sucks, and when you say shit that you cant remove from the record (their email has it too) you are kind of in a pickle.... if they do call the cops, they can charge you with harassment, and such, and then file a protective order claiming you can NOT in anyway shape or form contact anyone involving that foundation or risk going to jail

    I would let it go, and hope they dont do anything.... you gave them the upper hand here, which does suck, but it happened man

  18. okay guys, here is what she wrote to me last year...I have kept it bottled up, but in reality, it was devastating. I am a proud Epileptic, and that is something few people can understand:

    thanks for your email about your ideas for raising awareness about epilepsy. “Santa Claus” is a federally registered trademark so it is not ours to use. Also, as Ms. Bender stated, Santa Claus indicates a religious holiday. Some of the people with epilepsy whom we serve may be of different religions, or no religious beliefs at all, thus they may find a religious reference offensive and that is why we stay away from these types of references.

    It was certainly not Ms. Bender's intent, nor ours, that you feel that your efforts to spread the word about epilepsy were unwanted. We hope that you will continue to be an advocate for people with epilepsy and understand our reasons for not being able to become involved in this type of activity.
  19. Yea... that email they sent you is pretty much them saying "we dont do that because we like to stay legally protected"

    And then you threatened them with violence for following their foundation policies...

    I wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole

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