I just had an experience with the answer of what the meaning life.

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  1. The answer to the question of what the meaning of life is The answer to the question of what the meaning of life is! I had this weird as trip and i was floating through space while having an OBE from smoking some high grade weed and I don't think it could of been caused by the weed and i think it was laced. But this weird as trip felt like i was being talked to by aliens from deep within another place in the universe but they communicate through us and with us through our subconscious. I really don't know if I was being told by aliens and leaving my body or did I have actual laced weed. Or was it an OBE I was revealed so much which seems so believeable and true. It seems like all i have to do is believe in it and sort of pass through out my body into another reality or state of mind. And i will take a new form of consciousness and restart a whole new life forgetting everything which ever occured to me before. I will in a way die but the body will still remain here. And it will appear as if it is retarded and without mind because i have left it behind. So i don't know if its true. All i would have to do is close my eyes go to sleep and let go of my body and forget everything that ever happened to me and in a way rebirth in another reality with complete loss of memory. This is what i was told happens and i dont know if this is an actual contact with an alien or is it just some weird as shit that might have been lased in my weed or if i just imagined all of this shit. Wtf?
  2. for some believers, when you die and recreate your subconsciousness into a different form, you will be under the spell of "the veil of forgetfulness"

    so, who knows, maybe the aliens know what they are talking about ;)
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    Well, you won't completely lose the memory, but when in a physical existence you will. The point to physical incarnation is to experience. We're trying to grow universal knowledge by providing experiences.
  4. I feel like i have been offered to be able to move on to another body and I have the memory so clear in my mind that I now have the ability to move on. Yet I fear that I will not forget all of this life and get lost in limbo while crossing over and still have full memory of this reality and will be drifting in an eternity of limbo and nothingness yet still feeling as if i am in a physical body. So I don't know what to do now. Shall i attempt to go beyond the veil of this eternity and forget all of this or stay here until death. I feel as if i can leave into another reality forever through my dreams and can attempt to do this at any time i go to sleep. So what do you think.
  5. if it's tripping you out this much i suggest you read into some ancient alien/mayan texts, because it sounds just like what you're talking about:

    this was posted by a GC member, it's huge and contains a bunch of info regarding 2012/mayan texts/ancient aliens:

    then i've read about what mayan elders say regarding 2012, shockingly it matched the above document almost exactly:
    Steep Uphill Climb to 2012 - Messages from the Mayan Milieu

    but yeah kinda sounds like what you're talking about.

  6. Omg thank you so much for posting those links. They pretty much described what i experienced/felt but in a way that makes no sense. I didnt know how to put it in to words because the knowledge I obtained was so bewildering to me and amazing. This has to be real how in the hell did i Just have this whole experience which pretty much was what the mayans described would happen.
  7. weed..
  8. In my opinion you got really high and imagined it. Doubt you had laced weed. Its VERY uncommon. Why would a dealer pay extra to get you higher?
  9. I truly hope this guy never tries psychedelics. His mind will go places and lead him into worse delusions than this one. Seriously dude you should lay off teh drugz and learn some proper engrish! haha

  10. Really who uses proper english on the internet? Who are you to say what is a delusion and what is not? This reality can be as fake or as real as my "delusions".
  11. he's a christian, he knows the one and only 'truth'. you're wrong. duhhhhh

  12. OOOHHHH ok then that makes sense now, sorry meddlehaze I didn't know you were christian your religion is obviously the only true and correct truth in the world. Even more true than the religions that came before it. Im obviously wrong and delusional.
  13. To answer your first question, intelligent people use proper English on the internet. I am meddlehaze and I come before you saying that is a delusion. See how easy that is?

    It's sad that you think this reality you were placed in is fake.

    Lol bring on tha hate brotha!

    no but really, am I the only person who thinks this post about aliens telling him the meaning of life is completely ridiculous? :confused: That question is rhetorical.

    At least my conclusions are sober conclusions ;)
  14. Did I ever say this reality is fake? No i did not so don't say things i didn't say. What I said is this reality could be as real or as fake as my "delusions" that does not mean it is fake. I think your religion is ridiculous a man in the sky making humans and then making them suffer and die. What a wonderful and loving god huh? All i am saying is you have no right to say what is real and what is fake. You are no god or all knowing being so don't assume you know what is true and false. I also did not say at all that i believed in what happened Im saying it cant be disregarded yet.
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    Sorry, I must have misread that. I apologize.

    I think it's ridiculous that you really think that about my beliefs! This forum is riddled with people who have blatant misconceptions about the Bible.

    you don't have the right to say I don't have rights :p

    you think my religion is ridiculous when you think aliens chose YOU of all people to divinely tell you the meaning of life? You're practically preaching the same thing you tell me not to preach. Goodbye
  16. If it isn't me who was revealed this then it would be someone else. I am not preaching anything at all and I don't claim what I felt to be true I don't know if it is or not. All I was saying is you don't have the right to make the conclusion of if it is or isn't true. No one has that right because no one has proof to disprove it or prove it wrong. I myself am not completely believing what happened so I don't even know if it is or isn't true. What exactly am I preaching? So if you do not believe this you can simply say "I don't believe this" but you can not say it is false or true because you do not know unless God chose YOU of all people to divinely tell you what is true and isn't true in life.
  17. If no one has the right to tell you if it is or isn't true then how will you ever know and why would you even ask?

  18. I will know by making my own choice and deciding to either believe or not just how you believe in your religion. I never asked for someone to tell me if it was true or not. And if i did how would anyone on GC be able to tell me if it is true or not?
  19. It's not about if it's true or not bro. It's about what it helps you understand, and where it takes you.
  20. So whatever floats your boat, basically?
    Because my response didn't float your boat you became offended.
    The OP made me understand nothing.

    What did you learn from this?

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