I just had an experience with God

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  1. I'm not really a very religious person.  I believe in an almighty-God presiding over all things in the Universe, but I don't believe he can be explained by man as believed of the many religious texts.  I don't believe in an afterlife -- or the devil, angels, demons, and any other supernatural deities -- but in an all-powerful God, creator of time, space, and all matter and present in all things, who can be explained within models of the creation and life-span of our Universe. 
    But I definitely believe God just spoke to me in a very subtle way.  I was chilling and thinking about life while waiting for the re-run of the Walking Dead, and I all of a sudden felt the urge to write myself a letter.  As I was writing the letter, I felt as if someone else was transcribing it and I was only the secretary, even as far as referring to myself in the third person.  As I wrote it, I could tell instantly that they were wise words of advice pertaining to my life at the moment.  After writing it, the idea hit me like a rock that this was God giving me words of wisdom.  When I pray, I always try and ask God for wisdom, and to show me the direction to take when a decision comes to my life.  I feel that he answered my prayer and showed me some of the wisdom I asked for.  When the idea hit me, I instantly had to pray and thank God for the many things I've been blessed with and for the wisdom to live my life at its best!

  2. Care to share this letter with us? I would like to see it. 
  3. Man, it contains a lot of personal stuff and quite a bit that violates the rules or I would.
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    I'm not saying your god doesn't exist, but you don't think it makes more sense that you were just communicating with yourself?  We are very complex beings with many layers.  The truth usually comes from within us when we are searching for it.  It in no way implies it was a god communicating directly with just you.  There are far more assumptions and ego with your interpretation and feeling of how this experience happened.  Of course, I wasn't there and don't already have a strong belief in that unproven, necessary variable.

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    Sounds like Dementia, might want to have that looked at
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b19PcuJsQbA
  8. Dude, you must have been stoned out of your mind, that is hilariously awesome. :D
    Altho sometimes it can be a sign of a mental disorder, but ignore that bad possibility!
  9. When you get to the real core of it, you'll realize it's all God talking to you. Kudos to you for you finally listening.
    To the core of what?  The core of faith or the core of schizophrenia? 
    I understand when people try to put people into categories of "Christian" or "atheist". The reality is that both points of view are laden with faith in an institution and lacks any practical experience. It's just a way to look down on another group and feel better about yourself in the process.
    In short, one day you'll stop circle jerking your own ego and realize that none of this has ever been real.
  12. Really cool op.

    For those saying mental disorders.. believing the government is after you, or anything to that nature is also considered schizo in it's infancy stages. Doesn't mean its true.
    Did I put him into a category?  I asked you a question, that was all.  And please elaborate what institution "atheism" has faith in.  That's a new one I've never heard.  
    You sound like you have some kind of divine knowledge here that the rest of us don't.  Care to share how you came to have such knowledge?
    Those of us saying "mental disorders" are tossing it out as a possibility.  It is naïve to ignore it as a possibility when hearing a god talk to you. 
  14. No doubt lol
  15. "im not a very religious person"
    you sound very religious
  16. No offence but sounds stupid. So God said "hey he's watching walking dead maybe it a good time to give this man some wisdom."
    Sounds like God needs to tell you to get off your ass and stop watching walking dead.
  17. I'll have what OP was smoking.

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    That makes you religious.
    My apotheosis came with a specific instruction as most of these cases have for those who suffer them.
    Sounds like yours was quite easy but that aside, God does not waste his valuable time. What one think given to you stands out.
    In my case, I was told to think more demographically.
    If you did not get a life changing suggestion it could not have been a true apotheosis. That is from MPOV and I could be wrong.
    What one specific thing did God give you. And yes, you can post it under the rules.  

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