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i just had a great day. no toking, though (hatebreeder, read this post)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Zylark, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. it all started around wakup time, 1600. i'm not going to bore you with details about eating, showering and such, but eventually i made it to soundcheck with tonights band at the venue (www.royalrooster.com). soundcheck finished, my goal was to get drunk for the evening. mission accomplished. hehe. anyhow, umm, hard to explain, but everything just worked. all of it. and the band are real cool people.

    later after spending x-number of hours and ditto beers at the bandroom i went down again into the venue (it's a medium size club/live venue) and met the vocalist of gorgoroth. he was out from prison again, actually his first day out in several months. he's a really nice guy as long as you know him, actually more polite than me :) and in just a couple of weeks more they will give a concert at the "hole in the sky" festival. i can't go see / blink lights at their concert unfortunately, coz' i'm working on another gig, but still i... METAL!!!!

    they're working on a tour that takes into consideration the vocalists prison sentence though.

    another little thing is that the band i did lights for today might take a spanish tour beginning in january, and i are invited to do their lights. moneywize it's a bad idea, but funny wize it'll be real cool. the vocalist are actually from barcelona, and an avid smoker :D so with a bit of luck!!! maybe i'm just beeing a bit overly optimistic due to beer consumption out of this world, but hey :)

    i feel good, dubidubido
    so good, yay yay, so good

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