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  1. hey all i just got ''mirical grow shake n feed continuous release all purpose plant food'' will that work for veg.?
  2. Good question...I've been curious about continuous release ferts as well. I didn't wanna risk any of my plants so I recently bought some Schultz because I read it was decent(10-15-10) and it only cost $5.

    If no one else has tried it, and you are willing to jeopardize a plant, why not try it? See what happens and post your findings.
  3. I don't like continuous/time release because they seem not to release consistantly. I would advise just using a standard fert - I've used the 7 Drops Shultz many times and it's pretty good.
  4. Yep, you want continuous release, rather than time release oh god im baked
  5. ^ Agreed. The supposed benefit to time-release ferts is that it will do the work for you so you don't have to. But they may or may not release steadily. Not a big deal and much more reliable to do it yourself.
  6. hey thanks for all theses rep. how do i klnow how much to use?:smoking:
  7. Is this the kind intended to be dissolved in water and poured onto plants or do you sprinkle it right on the soil?

    My experience is with water-soluble ferts, mix it about 1/4 strength of what the box says. Throughout the veg cycle you can slowly increase that.
  8. hey 2 packed that it bitty plant got you stoned huh how grams did you harvest
  9. no u mix it into the soil.
  10. whatever you decide on, make absolutely sure it is water-soluble.
  11. yea it is but how much do i use?
  12. depends on the strength of the fert.
  13. 10-10-10 ,it also says feeds up to three months ,does that a mean it wont need to be watered for three months, and it says use a table spoon do that mean i just need 1/4 of what that says? and when i need to switch ferts for flowerin can i just use it then next time i water instea of the kind i am using?
  14. any suggestions?:D

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