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  1. I'm open to considering this, though I think it unlikely that the votes exist in the legislature to pass the bill anytime soon. The federal prohibition is a serious issue, and legalizing it, while a great reggae tune, isn't really possible. We could do what Seattle has done - reduce the priority for the police so that they always have something better to do, but people will always be able to be prosecuted federally.

    The budget crisis we are facing may make us want to tax the product much as we do cigarettes. I would set the tax rate very, very high, and try to institute some quality measurements. I understand that the current product is typically much higher in THC than it was 30 years ago, and that this might be something worth regulating.

    I do want to return to my earlier statement - I do not believe that the votes exist in the Legislature to pass a legalization bill. We've taken steps with medical uses and need to let that play out a while before the Legislature will be ready to address the issue in a serious way.

    Rep. Ross Hunter
    Finance Committee Chairman

    Sounds like a cool guy. A local representative to me
  2. Very good man +rep . Can you post what you wrote to him and what state are you from ?
  3. Very awesome, prob. one of the most sound responses I've seen posted. Nice to see a representative that doesn't shoot back the no way response.
  4. You should respond, informing him of The Obama Administration's recent quote regarding states' rights, and how this will allow legislators to pass bills taxing and regulating cannabis without fear of federal interference.

  5. That's awesome that he is legalization minded. However, when legalization does occur, it will occur in a huge revolution. This isn't as far away as you might imagine, and most likely will happen within the next six months, maybe less.
  6. too bad he is completly uninformed on mj

    'much higher thc levels than 30 years ago' what fucking bullshit

  7. the thc is much higher than 30 years ago. many years ago all the thc levels were around 2-4% for bomb shit and regs were in the .70% of thc. now because of modern growing methods and indoor, hydroponics, thc levels have rose much higher to 19%-26% for good shit.
  8. Thats incorrect, there has always been varying levels of THC content in marijuana. LOL You think after THOUSANDS of years of cultivation people don't know how to make some bomb ass weed? 2-4% thc content wouldn't get you high in the fucking slightest.
  9. This is especially true for land-race strains like Afghan Kush, where the same plant has been breeding in the same area for thousands of years, and it has an amazing potency.
  10. Honestly now, I didn't realize that politicians actually BELIEVED that garbage. What a dope!

    However, he's an alright dope in my book for at least being open to the idea.
  11. In this case it's not that bad. He sees it as a reason to legalize it, so it can be "regulated" :D
  12. I like the way he spoke to you as if he was among the crowd, as if he realizes a Cannabis Activist is actually a political figure to be respected, not ridiculed for his ideas.
  13. I would definately reply to him with a follow up email citing Pres. Obama's stance of ending federal raids on states with MMJ, and at the very least encourage him to decriminalize more.
  14. and show some information on how it hasnt changed potency over time like people say it did.
  15. rofl.
  16. The THC content is higher then it was 30 years ago, people have been making new and better strains since then and now the THC levels are double or even triple what they used to be. I am pro-pot but you have to use common sence when debating it. White widow was not around 30 years ago and neither was ak47 or blueberry kush. Im just saying, that the argument of higher THC levels is true.

    Oh and btw, what state is this guy from?? Im glad to see a polititon open to this kind of thing and it makes me want to email my representitive in virginia.
  17. I wouldn't have a problem with a statement like 'cannabis has moderately higher THC levels than that of cannabis during the '70s due to much more selective breeding methods' but to make it sound like it's getting to the point where bud's THC levels are getting dangerous is just absurd.

    It's really nice to see all of this productive activism. We are finally reaping the sweet fruit of our efforts.
  18. Washington :D
  19. can you post what you said to him, i think i might email my state representative.

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