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I just got some purple haze and its made me start writing poetry

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by leglize_freedom, May 30, 2009.

  1. This is so weird you'll probably laugh at me

    But after i smoked some of this purple haze i just started writing down all this crazy stuff on my walls and stuff my head was filled with all this crazy shit and i understood everything i'm still trashed now

    I wrote heaps but here is one of my best ones

    Thoughts oppressed
    like the chains on the earth
    taxing what does not need taxing
    taking what does not belong to you

    Definitions closed in cages of guilt
    read from the pages of history's mistakes
    open your eyes to see the world through your eyes
    do not supply the fuel for evil thoughts
    and keep what is divine locked in a cage

    Set it free?

    Set them free?

    Set me free?

    Set US! free?
  2. poetry is what you make of it and, just like a fine painting, the meaning and understanding that is personal to you should be transferred to the reader mixed in with a helping of their own interpretation

    some people look at paintings and see the structure then talk about how it fits certain rules and not the emotion or passion behind the thought

    I read your poem and although it doesnt fit any conventional structures I understood it - personally, I would have changed a few words for emphasis and a little bit of the structure - but it's not my work

    still, I get it dude and that's what matters
  3. oh yeah, get this attitude out of your mind - you should never care about what people think as it will crush your creativity


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