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I just got shot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h4rtz, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Well I just got my Tdap/Whooping cough shot, Chicken pox, Meningitis, and some other shot. My arm is kinda stiff and I would love to take some hits from my little magic flight box. Is it safe? Should I just wait a couple days or does it not matter?
  2. You scared me for a second I thought you actually got shot. Yeah you should be fine.
  3. U just got shot nothings fucking safe! Run fucking run
  4. i passed out when my nurse gave me 3 shots. The second one I past out and fell on the floor because she stabbed my bone and injected it, the needle broke off in my arm and they had to pull it out, that shit fuckin sucked
  5. Bro I had whooping cough when I was 16, it scarred my lungs for life, fucked them up good -- I can only hold my breath now for like 10 seconds, did permanent damage to me.

    When I first got it, I was coughing so hard, both my eyes looked like this --


    Zero white, All red, and it took about 1 year to fully go away, it slowly faded to orange, to a slight orange/pink tint.

    Crazy shit. Fuck whooping cough.

    I was on hycodine cough medicine for like 18 months straight though. Blows away that "purple drank".
  6. Damn, I was so scared because I'm kinda afraid of needles. I kept thinking something like what happened to you would happen to me. Luckily it only took like 5 minutes and I closed my eyes the whole time! haha
  7. what was the weapon of choice?
  8. It's funny you post that, i can actually picture someone thesedays stopping after getting shot and posting on facebook/social site, then tend to the situation haha.

  9. Fred STRIKES AGAIN :eek::eek::eek:

  10. Uhmm, it doesn't blow it away because it is the exact same thing, just mixed with something like Sprite.
  11. The only people unafraid of needles I can say are heroin users.
    I'm afraid, too, of needles, but I don't scream of anything, it's just nasty that the tiny / sometimes long skinny ass needle is penatrating your arm and going into your vein.
  12. The title is misleading....
  13. Why did i get neg rep and a note saying "It takes 60MG of codeine to equal 10MG of hydrocodone, so it is 6x stronger..." ?!?
  14. lol... came here expecting a story about gun shots. You're fine to smoke those shots stay in your system for years.
  15. you're all good. chief hard.:smoking:

  16. wtf? Why do you pass out from everything? You posted a thread on how you pass out from smoking to.
  17. Do not. Your immune system is lowered when smoking. So I would be cautious if I were you.
  18. I pass out from smoking cus I'm not a bitch and I exhale completely and inhale a full lung of smoke and hold it in without coughing

  19. He's a well-known troll.
  20. Not to the point where he'll get sick. If AIDS/HIV patients use cannabis, so can the OP.

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