I just got robbed :( please help

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Geebeer, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. So I tried buying an oz from a friend I haven't spoke to in a long time he said I would have to give him the money first and he would grab it from the house after 30 mins we called he didn't come out after I dm'ed him on Twitter than I see he blocked me on Twitter no response I have the address his phone number his Twitter and Facebook. What do you think my next step should be.
  2. Wait some time if he dousnt come throught in the next couple of hours try to confront him in person about it and if he dousnt give you the weed get your money back.

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  3. Good luck finding him now, hard lesson learned only give money over when product is present.
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  4. Tell his mom
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  5. haha find his mom on facebook and ask her to get the weed from your friend. tell her you paid him but he wont give you it.
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  6. There needs to be a stoner handbook that's required to be read before ever starting use. 1 of the rules being do not front money for a not so legal activity.

    You broke the rule bud
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  7. Take a shit on his doorstep obviously.
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  8. Friend is the operative word here. If you haven't seen him for a long time, you're effectively offering him a couple hundred to burn a bridge that doesn't exist.
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  9. learn your lesson, don't ever front again. move on because it's the stupid tax.
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  10. You did not get robbed though.
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  11. Your screwed .. thats the number one rule never give up the cash first ..
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  12. Obviously start a tweetle beetle puddle muddle battle.

    @chinceyMcgheethiefbitch: ayyyyyyooooooo gimme my stacks back or i'mma shit down yer throat
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  13. trow a charmander at him
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  14. You could be all....

    "Bitch gimme my money"

    Then your ho's could pop up out from the back seat of your bicycle and sing...

    "Hey, dirty.... Baby I got your money don't you worry"...

    Then you could /drops mic and /moonwalks the fuck outta there...

    That's what I would do, just sayin...
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  15. I changed my mind, HADOOKEN! His ass.
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  16. when buying black market products your going to get screwed sometimes
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  17. If you know him well enough just confront him. Sit in your car and wait until he leaves his house. Then pounce on him and demand the money back.

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  18. you could do what most people would do and piss and moan and walk away.......or find out some info on his ass and confront him and fuck him or his shit up. violence is never the answer, but revenge can be pretty satisfying. i had an "old friend" rob a plant from me, i confronted him and got nothing but "fuck you" so i popped his car tires. my motto, im going to make you pay for what you made me lose one way or the other....
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