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i just got my medical card!!!! (yesterday)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mr.niceguy619, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. i know it's not a big deal to most of you, but i got my card yesterday. I went to my 1st club and they only had a few strands (but they were all fire) and i even got a free ganja cookie for being new to the club!!! since im on the subject...does anyone with a med. card know the answer to this question?: for the state of ca. what would happen if i was stopped or pulled over by a cop, what would happen if they found a pipe w/resin in it? even if i wasnt smokin at the time??
  2. im sure they would be lenient seeing as how since so many people smoke out there a paraphenelia ticket would be the last of there worries hah
  3. Don't count on them being lenient though, some cops are douchebags and will try to screw over a pot smoker anyway they can. I speak from experience!
  4. can i see a pic, i honestly have never seen an mj license.
  5. how do you get a med card?
  6. Yeah, how much shit you are in depends on the cop.

    I've been pulled over and caught with a bowl twice, 1 time they threw it against the ground ((and it didnt break hehe)) so they kept it. Another time he put it on my trunk (as i was in hand cuffs, long story) and then let me go and told me to get rid of it. But Cali is dif then Indy
  7. yeah i know how that goe's....and thats all i would need to be legit w/bud in the car but get in trouble cuz the pipe has resin(so they know it has been used)
  8. sorry i dont know how to post pics on-line but the card looks just like an id card (w/my pic on it) and a big green bud leaf on the other the dr. even gave everone a lighter with his info on it!!! to get a card you need to have a medical issue and make sure it's legal to have in your state...then go on-line and search for medical marijuana dr's (there's alot of them)
  9. dude they will arrest you, just like if you have a open bear bottle or can in your car you will get arrested. Even if you havent been drinking, my best bet would to just put your bowl in your trunk, because you have the liscense and if its in your trunk or w.e. they wouldnt believe you where smoking while driving.
  10. well for that reason i dont drive what would it be like if i were the pass.??
  11. just a pipe with resin and no weed ? Nothing would happen, at the worst youd get a ticket but with a medical card i doubt they would even do that.

    I've never heard of anyone in california being arrested just for having a pipe on them. Unless of course your on prohbation and it violates your prohbation.

    Last time i got pulled over with a pipe on me the cop saw it when i went to grab my registartion out of the glove box. All he did was say "i'll just pretend i didn't see that". And this was like almost 3 yrs ago long before I had a medical weed card.
  12. well i just wanna make sure that they wont treat it as a open what about this: what if i had a pipe in the glove box and a sack of bud in my pocket, but no smoke in the air(or other signs of fresh smoke).....would it still just be a ticket?
  13. :wave: Do you need to reside in the county you live in to get the MMW card ? I live in L.A. and I've been wondering for months .... I'm really tired of taking antidepressant ,they don't work. I do everything they want me to ,but my mind thinks to much. I would really aprisheate your help ..


  14. u would probably get your weed tooken away.because a stipulation to a green card is that the weed and paraphenilia must be kept at your wouldnt get in that much trouble.
  15. oh wow i didnt know that!! i thought you just cant be smokin in public,around gov. buildings, and while driving???

  16. Ok,,Next time read the papers before signing something.
  17. Im allowed,by my Dr.s orders,and by my signed County papers, to posess my "meds" and "devices" at any private residence in my county. I am however required to treat them like an "open container" and transport them in my trunk.

    Regulations can very GREATLY from one district of the state to another!!

    You can call your local Sheriff's Dept. and find out the exact requirements in your county.:eek:

    Of course the C.H.P. , being State ,operate under much tighter regs.:( :(
  18. i did read my papers and the only stuff i signed was about the side -effects of weed...but nothin too detailed about the laws

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