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I Just Got My First Set Of Cannabis Seeds Germinating...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by krustydick, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hello! I am new to this site as of today and just started germinating seeds as of about 2 days ago. I have purchased peat pods for starters and some 100% organic soil from a popular nursery. I purchased my seeds from Nirvana, took them awhile to get here but I figured it was the distance. I bought Aurora Indica (5) and Papaya (5) and 7 unknown seeds from some dank grass my dealer came across and saved for me. I have all but two starting to germinate and one already didn't make it, so I have 14 seeds starting out. Two have already sprouted and are in the peat pods. I have a few questions as to what I should do next. When these guys start to emerge which should be in about 5-9 days, where should I grow? I live in my own house with only my boyfriend and 3 pets so no worries about parents or any other sketchy shit happening. I have three ideal places I've tossed around to start growing them in private in my own home. I can't necessarily turn my basement into a field full of them either. I have a small closet in one of my spare rooms I could grow, a large metal cabinet that I can conver the shelves into desired positions, or I could use a small pantry room off of my basement laundry room. All three places have no ventilation, but will be fixed with a fan. Where would be the best place out of all 3?
    Also, when my mom comes over, I don't want her or my father to smell anything funky. I seen that you can get like carbon fitlers from stores but I'm a little sketched out since I hear police can sometimes track transactions from those kinds of stores. What can I do to mask the smell? I hear it can be pretty bad.
    And, last question. How much should I water from when my seedlings are starting out to when they are full grown adults? I have heard of overwatering and I don't want to do that!
    Anything helps, I'm a first timer and I want to get this right.


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