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I just got my first glass bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by sunnybunny1945, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. I got a nice little mine roor for my first bong. I've smoked out of a bong many a time and I've made my own little bottle bongs but man having a real glass piece is just so nice. Named my baby Luna <3 anyone remember there first pieces that they really loved?

  2. Nice piece man, treat her right! :)
  3. pretty sure its fake but still nice. Don't burn your face though
  4. She's not fake, and if she is I wonder who's the wad that painted roor on the side.
  5. Props on getting your 1st bong. Always a dope feeling but yeah its a fake by a long shot.
  6. Enjoy this sweet feeling. You got taken on that bong.
  7. its 100% fake and use less water unless you like the taste of bongwater

  8. Don't take this as offensive, because it's not meant to be, but you're ignorant.
  9. Haha that sounds offensive, no offense. Lol but yeah OP you are naive to bongs. Fake RooR bongs pop up everywhere but in all reality it doesn't make it any less functional. Enjoy it.
  10. I just bought my first piece a week ago, a HOSS that is yet to be named. What do you guys think?

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  11. that you wasted a lot of money on a hoss
  12. Lol yeah you got more ripped off than OP with the new roor
  13. how much did you pay for it?
  14. $225CDN. I'm not into getting the top names like ROOR, I was looking for durability with a simple perc system. 7mm so I got that. So far it rips.
  15. Oh yea its fake, RooR doesnt make anything that small. Go do some research if you dont believe us. Plus I had one just like it and I knew it was fake and just to confirm asked GC blades, but it only cost about 40 US dollars. Thats straight outta China.
  16. Well damn...it doesn't matter tho I don't care if its not a roor I still love her lol
  17. I'm planning on a getting a fake ROOR, it's $60 at the store. Friend got the same one, rips like a champ.
  18. That's a him not a her , you can tell quite easily
  19. roor doesnt make bongs that small sorry to say its fake but as long as you didnt get ripped off youll be alright! also try to use half of the amount of water in the picture so your flowers dont get splashed. happy smokings! :smoking::wave:
  20. It's a her, her name is Luna. And I know to use less water now that was the first time I had ever used her

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