I just got my Dutch Passion mazar I could use some advice on other strains

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  1. I just got my Dutch Passion mazar today and I've sowed them in soil waiting for them to germinate.

    I would also like to buy other strains but I'm not sure which one.

    I like the sound of powerplant because it's a Sativas strain and I've got mazar which is an indica

    The other strains I'm more likley to buy are a hybrids like Blueberry or white widow. I'm probably going to go with a hybrid but I'm just not sure what to get.

    could I have some advice as to which one to buy I'm leaning towards white widow. Does anyone know the indica/sativas ratio in White widow??

    I know the ratio for Blueberry is (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)

    Blueberry seems to be a bit more expensive so I'm leaning towars power plant or white widow

    Any adivce from GC member would be much appricated. e.g. are the strain I'm considering a good smoke? and how easy or hard are they to grow?
  2. pure powerplant is decent from what i've read, but it likes to grow a bit larger and isn't the most potent strain. it's been described as "balanced" so i imagine it smokes more like a hybrid. try cinderella 99 (C99) instead. it's super compact, but has a full on speedy & trippy (to the point of paranoia) high like a true sativa. it also has a nice pineapple flavor as well as a stealthy floral odor.

    i spent over a year window shopping for the ultimate "closet thai" and C99 totally blew the competition away. she's related to super silver haze and jack herer, but she has less of the skunky & couchlocking negative side effects of her brothers.

    if you'd like a high that's trippy, but euphoric too, look into apollo 11 if you can find it (C99 X genius). it has a nice lemony flavor along with a trippy but happy ride.

    sativas definately kick ass, but pure ones tend to grow too big to be practical indoors. some of the most compact "100%" sativas out there are burmese, hawaiian sative & durban poison. i smoked durban once, but didn't get the trippy high which is what i like about sativas. it was still nice except it tasted exactly like licorice which is one of the most disgusting flavors in the world to me. if you like that flavor, it's definately something exotic to try.

    a really nice 87.5% sativa that's not the most compact you might want to consider is kali mist. it's my second favorite after the pinecone smelling thai i started out on waaaay back in the day. i have some C99 splash beans i'll probably like better though because C99 is trippy and splash has a little bit of extra trippy 100% sativa vietnamese in it.

    the things i love about kali mist are that it has a super spicy and delicious red pepper flavor and the high is super energetic and euphoric. it's the second best thing i've ever smoked so far for those reasons. i was so excited when i was given a gram of of it. sadly, i wanted to kick back and trip out on tunes like i would on thai, but i ended up cleaning my house humming "don't worry, be happy" with a stupid grin on my face. KM is total happy energy... alot like a pleasant dose of shrooms. it wasn't trippy though. it's also very expensive to buy beans for ($100+), but it's special and rumored to be a favorite of the ladies.

    it would be THE bud of choice i'd bring on a date. i bet it's the best aphrodesiac in the world... "all this happy energy and no-where to use it. what do you want to do now?"
    heh heh heh

    some other strains you might look into that people love, but are expensive include: mother's finest, love potion #1, senor garcia, sour diesel, trainwreck, strawberry cough & arjan's haze.
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    If my mazar seeds don't gerimate due to my lack of experence I'll either buy nirvana seeds northen bright because there good and cheap or Dutch passion white widow from Dr Chronic because I like the sound of WW but it's a bit more expensive
  4. just use the 48 hour soak method. put your seed in a glass of water for 24 hours, poke them all to the bottom then after another 24 hours, put them into well moistened soil. i've gotten nearly 100% germination using that technique. the ONLY time it hasn't worked was with 10 year old bagseed and the notoriously 0% viable durban skunk freebies gypsy gives out.

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