I Just Got Laid...

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  1. ......off. :eek:

    Ah well. Whaaddaayaagonnado? My last day is Friday and I'm not that bummed about it. It was brutal labor, mind numbingly boring, and pretty hazardous. I often came home looking like a POW.

    Although, the pay was decent, but the hours were atrocious. I had to wake my ass up every morning, 6 days a week at 2:30AM. :mad: I would work til about 3 or 4PM and then, come home, shower, eat, have about 1 or 2 hours of free/social time before I go to bed at 8. :eek:

    Well, school starts next month, so I guess I'll just focus on getting back into that for awhile and having to settle for a shitty part-time/minimum wage job for a few months.

    I'm thinking about having a beer, but I don't know. Its been about 4 months since I've had any alcohol and I still have to get up early as hell. But, the other side of me says "fuck it, show up hungover."

    Not thinking of getting shit faced, but maybe like 2 or 3 beers since my tolerance is down.
  2. Wait till you have a free day, then down a whole bottle of liquor the night before
  3. on to the next one bro :smoke:
  4. True...I could do that. But, I'm not much of a liquor guy other than a nice Scotch on a cold, New England Winter's Night...Mmmm...

    Luckily, I just picked up a fatty oz., but I'm just craving a nice Wheat Beer on this lovely warm night.
  5. I feel sorry to hear that you got laid off, but I don't see why that means you should drink:confused_2: To me, it sounds cliche.
  6. getting shit faced isnt even fun, a hard ass buzz is the way :)
  7. Nah, I'm not drinking because I was laid-off, I just figured, fuck it. I've been wanting to drink for awhile anyway and I know for sure I don't have many responsibilities left at work for the next 2 days, so I could show up a little hungover and it wouldn't matter.

  8. Oh okay, your not drinking because you were laid off, you just so happen to want to drink after finding out you were laid off. Alrighty, alrighty. Have fun.:)
  9. What were you doing? Sounds like a shit job anyways.
  10. Would you like to see some poop swatches?
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    Meh, I was lower, grunt worker for a pretty big road construction company. The first 2 months rocked, but since then, its all been hell since this once douche bag came on board and took over.

    I was making some fat checks too. But, my last little severance check should be nice.

    It was mainly going to be a summer job for school anyway, but the way things were going I figured I would be hired back and all. I was doing well too.

  12. LOL any time I was ever laid off or fired I drank.


    Not as a "wah I lost my job thing"....more like a
    "fuck yeah I hated that fucking job anyways!"

    :yay: :p

  13. You sure it didn't start as "wah I lost my job" than after a couple of drinks in you, it was "fuck yeah I hated that fucking job anyways!" :laughing: hahah, nah, I'm just messing with you.

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